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Stimulus checks aren’t to blame for inflation, Andrew Yang says, while advocating for free money for Americans

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang recently set the record straight on inflation in the U.S. According to the politician, inflation wasn’t caused by the three rounds of stimulus checks provided by the federal government to millions of eligible Americans between 2020 and 2021. Also, he’s still in favor of the government aiding Americans with direct economic relief.
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Andrew Yang party candidate's changing tune on universal basic income

Supporting direct cash payments for families and individuals is a founding principle of Minnesota's newest political party.But Cory Hepola, the first Minnesota candidate endorsed by Andrew Yang's Forward Party, has questioned the idea in the past and isn't sold on implementing the policy on the state level. The big picture: Cities across the country, including Minneapolis and St. Paul, are experimenting with government-funded unconditional monthly payments as a vehicle for lifting people out of poverty.And Yang, who ran unsuccessfully for president and mayor of New York City, has said his new third party is "how we're going to pass" the...

An artist claims an Andrew Yang–backed NFT project screwed him over

Phillip Lietz, a 35-year-old artist and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner from Denver, has been a fan of former U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang ever since catching him on Joe Rogan’s podcast in early 2019. “I was quite happy when I heard about this politician who was interested in eradicating poverty...

Andrew Yang speaks at Rice on state of U.S. politics and democracy

Andrew Yang discussed the state of U.S. politics, democracy and the benefits of a third political party at McNair Hall on March 28. Yang visited Rice as a part of the Presidential Lecture Series. President David Leebron introduced Yang as an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, nonprofit leader and former US presidential...

How Andrew Yang Aims to Change Washington With a DAO

Andrew Yang joined Decrypt's gm podcast to pitch his new political DAO, which he says can use crypto to change Washington politics. Andrew Yang, the 2020 presidential candidate and 2021 New York City mayoral candidate, is back with a new act: a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that plans to use its crypto treasury to reinvigorate American democracy.

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang backs Brian Varela for Congress in 8th District

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is backing Brian Varela for the 8th District congressional seat, praising his entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to fight against the political machine. “I really connected with Brian. We are very similar — both political outsiders, entrepreneurs inspired by a genuine desire to make a...