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Andrew Sullivan: What if BLM's success creates a trade-off?

There was a significant surge in violent crime last year, particularly shootings. Some researchers who study crime have attributed that increase to the pandemic. The theory goes that people were emotionally on edge because of the virus and the associated lockdowns, plus they had lost jobs and were stressed about being out of work. As a result crime went up.
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Andrew Sullivan: Woke ideology and 'pious pabulum' go hand in hand

Andrew Sullivan published a piece Friday which I didn’t see until today. The gist of it is a reflection on the ways in which we’re living through George Orwell’s nightmare at this point. Not the full dystopia of his novel 1984 but at least the kind of abuse of language that was key to the control of that dystopia. He focuses specifically on a paragraph from this petition demanding that the staff at a top medical journal be reeducated with regard to anti-racism. Here’s the graph in question:
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Andrew Sullivan: Critical Race Theory a 'potent threat to liberal civilization'

Last Friday Andrew Sullivan published a piece on Substack about Critical Race Theory. This piece is really an attempt to summarize what CRT is in the most fundamental sense. As Sullivan describes it, CRT isn’t just a new wave of social justice reform that seeks to expand what gets covered in textbooks, but an ideology that is at base hostile to liberalism, i.e. the philosophy of individualism, democracy, free enterprise, etc.
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Andrew Sullivan on the ‘majority-minority’ myth

There’s general agreement on the left and right about the demographic changes in America and how that might change the country over time. One particular point of inflection is the coming moment when American becomes a majority-minority country, i.e. when Latino, Black and Asian minorities collectively make up a larger percentage of the population than the white majority. Will this bring about the end of white supremacy as the woke left desires?