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Jon Stewart Pushed Back At Andrew Sullivan For The ‘Nonsense’ Claim That He Was Duped Into A Disastrous Debate

Following a disastrous appearance on The Problem with Jon Stewart, conservative writer Andrew Sullivan accused the Apple TV’s show booker of essentially duping him into a panel discussion racism where he was eviscerated by host Jon Stewart. In a lengthy and on-brand Substack post, Sullivan claimed he was initially told that he’d be taking part in a one-on-one interview with Stewart. However, 24 hours before taping, Sullivan said he was “ambushed” by the news that it would be a panel discussion titled “The Problem with White People,” which Sullivan wrote was a “a title I’d never have been a party to, if I’d known in advance.”
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Andrew Sullivan Claims He Was Duped Into Making His Much-Maligned Appearance On Jon Stewart’s New Show

After a disastrous appearance on a recent episode of The Problem with Jon Stewart that tackled “The Problem with White People,” political commentator Andrew Sullivan is now claiming that he was duped into appearing on the show by an allegedly dishonest booker. During the panel discussion, Sullivan was repeatedly called out by the former Daily Show host for “minimizing” the systemic presence of white supremacy in America. At one point, Stewart got so frustrated after repeatedly explaining himself to Sullivan that he said, “Andrew, you’re not living on the same f*cking planet we are, honestly.”

’60 Minutes’ Hands Andrew Sullivan the Mic for an Unenlightening Lecture

On Sunday, “60 Minutes” aired an interview that looked a lot like handing someone a megaphone. Correspondent Scott Pelley aired a profile of the conservative author Andrew Sullivan, one that ran with no clearer time peg than that, as Pelley put it in his introduction, Sullivan is “anxious about the future of the republic.” At some length, Sullivan, who currently publishes his newsletter “The Weekly Dish” via Substack, was allowed to expand upon his thoughts at some length. He is anxious because of a divided political climate in this country, one in which what Sullivan described as tribalism led, for instance,...
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Andrew Sullivan on American political discourse and rescuing conservatism in 2021

Andrew Sullivan has been an influential and controversial voice for more than 30 years. He's a conservative author, editor and blogger. As a British-American, his style combines the perception of an outsider with the devotion of a native son. When we met, at his home on Cape Cod, we found Sullivan anxious about the future of the republic. Too many Americans, he told us, are no longer the citizens that the founders were counting on.

Andrew Sullivan rails against 'media narratives' on Kyle Rittenhouse, Russiagate: They always 'favor' the left

Substack writer Andrew Sullivan blasted "media narratives" that have dominated both the current and previous news cycles. "The news is a perilous business. It’s perilous because the first draft of history is almost always somewhat wrong, and needs a second draft, and a third, and so on, over time, until the historian can investigate with more perspective and calm. The job of journalists is to do as best they can, day by day, and respond swiftly when they screw up, correct the record, and move forward," Sullivan began his piece on Friday. "But when the sources of news keep getting things wrong, and all the errors lie in the exact same direction, and they are reluctant to acknowledge error, we have a problem. If you look back at the last few years, the record of errors, small and large, about major stories, is hard to deny. It’s as if the more Donald Trump accused the MSM of being 'fake news' the more assiduously they tried to prove him right."
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Andrew Sullivan at Citizen Speaks

Author, free-thinker and provocateur Andrew Sullivan is, often, alone—fired from New York magazine, slammed for his views on…just about everything, writing from a “small room in Washington, D.C.”, out on a limb (as it were) even when there is no one there to defend him. And that is exactly what makes him the American intellectual we need in our times.