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Andrew Marr hits the nail on the head with monologue about the Rwanda scheme

Andrew Marr has been praised for his take on the government’s controversial Rwanda scheme and how it portrays asylum seekers in the UK. In a monologue on his LBC radio show on Tuesday 14 May – the day the first plane of refugees was due to take off for Rwanda – Marr criticised the move. While the plane was eventually cancelled due to a last-minute legal intervention, Marr noted how the government paints asylum seekers from some parts of the world in a different light. Marr said: “Why is it, do you think, that when it comes to individual migrants, we still seem...

Jacob Rees-Mogg says ‘get perspective’ after Andrew Marr talks about father’s death in lockdown

Jacob Rees-Mogg has said people need to “get perspective” after broadcaster Andrew Marr spoke about his "intense anger" about his father's death at the same time lockdown-breaking parties were held in Downing Street. On the Tuesday edition of his LBC programme Tonight, just hours after Boris Johnson apologised in the Commons for breaching lockdown rules, Mr Marr said: “I buried my father on the week that one of those parties took place and it was a party.“He was an elder of the Church of Scotland – that church was locked and barred. We had a small gathering, most of...
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Jacob Rees-Mogg says ‘get perspective’ to Andrew Marr over Partygate anger

Jacob Rees-Mogg has suggested people need to “get perspective” after Andrew Marr spoke about his “intense anger” over his father’s death at the same time lockdown-breaking parties were held in Downing Street.The LBC broadcaster hit out at the cabinet minister’s failure to apologise for calling the Partygate scandal “fluff”, explaining how only a limited number of people were able to attend his father’s funeral.Mr Rees-Mogg, however, disregarded his comment.“What is happening now two years on... one has to get a sense of perspective,” he said.Click here to sign up for our newsletters. Read More Johnny Depp says Amber Heard ‘grossly embellished’ his substance abuseHeard’s abuse allegations turned him from ‘Cinderella to Quasimodo’, says DeppWatch live as Johnny Depp takes stand in defamation case against Amber Heard

Jacob Rees-Mogg tells Andrew Marr to 'get perspective' over his father's lockdown death

Jacob Rees-Mogg has said people "need to get perspective" after Andrew Marr spoke of his "intense anger" over his father's death which happened at the same time as the alleged Downing Street parties.Yesterday, Boris Johnson apologised to parliament for the rule-breaking that took place while the UK was under Covid lockdown restrictions.After this, Marr discussed the matter on his LBC show with the Brexit opportunities minister where he brought up the fact that the Tory MP dismissed the political scandal as "fluff."The broadcaster then detailed how the burial of his father - which many of his family members couldn't attend...

Laura Kuenssberg to replace Andrew Marr full-time

Laura Kuenssberg is to replace Andrew Marr as the host of BBC One's flagship Sunday morning politics show. The journalist is taking over the role after announcing her decision to step down as the BBC's political editor last December. The BBC said she would join the "new-look" Sunday morning show...

Laura Kuenssberg to replace Andrew Marr as Sunday Morning presenter

Laura Kuenssberg has announced that she is taking over the BBC’s new-look Sunday Morning show.The programme was previously known as The Andrew Marr Show, which Andrew Marr presented for 16 years before leaving the BBC at the end of 2021. Before that it was Breakfast with Frost, presented by David Frost.Kuenssberg, who is currently the BBC’s political editor, will start her role when the show relaunches this September with a new-look set, title, title music and format, a news release from the broadcaster said.Her last assignment in her current post will be covering the local elections in May. She...

Andrew Marr: ‘Deranged’ Putin was one of my cleverest interviewees

Andrew Marr has described Vladimir Putin as “one of the cleverest men that I have ever interviewed” as he accused the “deranged” Russian leader of hiding behind his country’s nuclear capability.The veteran broadcaster, who left the BBC in November last year after 21 years, interviewed Mr Putin in 2014 ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.Reflecting on their meeting, Marr told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “He was extraordinary. He’s got this very famous, cold, cold stare that people talk about, but I would say, listening to him, because he was being interviewed then in lots of different languages, he’s one...

Putin: Andrew Marr recalls ‘daring’ message Elton John once asked him to pass on to Russian leader

Andrew Marr has discussed the daring message Elton John once instructed him to give Russian president Vladimir Putin.The broadcaster had been tasked with interviewing the leader during the 2014 Winter Olympics hosted in Sochi, Russia.Marr reflected on their meeting during an appearance on Monday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain (7 March), and recalled the message that Elton requested he pass on to the leader.“I was in a slightly disturbed state myself,” recalled the former BBC presenter. “Because I just interviewed Elton John before I had gone out to Sochi in Russia.“If you remember, there was a big gay rights...

Elton John once told Andrew Marr to give Putin a 'kiss from me'

Andrew Marr has revealed that Sir Elton John once gave him a daring message to deliver to Vladimir Putin.Marr recalled the incident in an appearance on Good Morning Britian where he spoke about meeting and interviewing the Russian leader in 2014.The broadcaster met Putin ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics but said that while he was speaking with him, he couldn’t get something Elton John has said out of his head.He explained: “I was in a slightly disturbed state myself because I’d just interviewed Elton John before I had gone out to Sochi in Russia.“If you remember there was a...

Andrew Marr vows to ‘ruffle feathers’ on LBC after quitting BBC

Andrew Marr has promised to ruffle feathers when he launches his new LBC radio show next month by taking advantage of the freedom he has gained by leaving the BBC. The former BBC political editor will host his own hour-long programme at 6pm between Monday and Thursday. He previously said he was looking forward to “getting my voice back” after being freed from the BBC’s impartiality requirements.

Andrew Marr says new radio show will ruffle feathers

Andrew Marr has warned anyone looking for “bland, safe, wearily predictable journalism” to avoid tuning into his brand new LBC radio show, Tonight with Andrew Marr.Global, which operates LBC, have confirmed that Marr’s new show will launch on March 7 and air Monday to Thursday at 6pm.Marr, 62, left the BBC in November last year after 21 years at the broadcaster, where he was formerly the political editor before going to host Sunday morning politics programme The Andrew Marr Show.Tonight With Andrew MarrMonday - Thursday, 6PM Listen and watch @AndrewMarr9's new LBC show from Monday 7th March exclusively on @GlobalPlayer.—...

Some members of royal family ‘have been behaving like free riders’ – Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr has said there will be an “ethical earthquake” when the Queen dies, as he claimed some members of the royal family have been “behaving like free riders”.The veteran broadcaster, 62, addressed the future of the monarchy during his first interview since leaving the BBC in December after more than two decades at the broadcaster.He told The Daily Mail he expected the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge to “orchestrate a clear-out” with the aim of maintaining the support of the public.It won’t be the same: the modern monarchy under Charles has to earn its place every day,...

Andrew Marr signs off his final BBC politics show by quoting ‘Anchorman’

Stalwart BBC presenter Andrew Marr has signed off from his 21-year career onscreen by quoting Will Ferrell’s Anchorman character Ron Burgundy. Marr presented his final Sunday morning show yesterday (December 19). “I have been so lucky and so privileged to share so many Sunday mornings with you,” he said as the show drew to a close.