Andrew Laming


Andrew Laming: why empathy training is unlikely to work

As federal parliament continues to erupt with allegations of harassment and abuse, one of the responses from our most senior leaders has been empathy training. These are programs that help people to see the world from other people’s perspectives. Over the weekend, Prime Minister Scott Morrison ordered disgraced Coalition MP Andrew Laming to do a private course on empathy. As Morrison told reporters I would hope […] that would see a very significant change in his behaviour. This follows Laming’s apology for harassing two women online and then confessing he didn’t know what the apology was for. Soon after Morrison’s...

View from The Hill: Morrison should appoint stand-alone minister for women and boot Andrew Laming to crossbench

Scott Morrison is trying to have things both ways over disgraced Queensland Liberal Andrew Laming. Laming, who has allegedly bullied constituents and photographed a woman inappropriately, announced at the weekend he won’t seek another term. But he hasn’t been booted out of the parliamentary party, which is what should happen. Having Laming go to the crossbench would wipe out the government’s majority, which is what the prime minister wants to avoid. The departure of Craig Kelly to the crossbench has already removed the Coalition’s working majority on the floor of the house. When Nine on Thursday was about to run a story on the...