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Disgraced Andrew Cuomo denies working on memoir during peak of New York's COVID-19 pandemic

Following a report, Andrew Cuomo is denying that his staffers were hard at work on his COVID-19 memoir while over 1,000 New Yorkers died per day to the virus. Cuomo has been slammed for taking a $5.1 million deal for his book American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, despite authorizing nursing homes to accept thousands of COVID-19 patients, many of whom later died. A new report claims that the ex-governor had his staffers working on the controversial memoir between March and April 2020 while his administration scrambled to address surging virus-related deaths, but Cuomo's camp was quick to deny the report.
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Andrew Cuomo Suggests #MeToo Has Gone Too Far

Andrew Cuomo, the disgraced former governor of New York, recently took a break from his busy schedule of probing possible avenues for a political comeback to offer his thoughts on the state of the “quote-unquote #MeToo movement.” The 65-year-old, who nearly a dozen women have accused of sexual harassment and misconduct, stopped by the offices of New York radio station AM970 to have a raw, uncensored chat with Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala set to air this week. “There is such energy behind the politics on the quote-unquote #MeToo movement—and that is a good thing,” Cuomo said, according to a clip of the exchange. “But you can also weaponize and politicize what is a good thing, where now you use the allegation to basically condemn someone.” The interview was a sea change for the political scion, who was once more than happy to cast himself as the champion of the movement.Read it at Semafor
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Tish James must obey the law: Andrew Cuomo is entitled to have the state cover his lawyers

We get it that state Attorney General Tish James doesn’t like Andrew Cuomo, but her personal and political feelings don’t matter because he was the governor of New York for many years and when his actions in office are challenged in court, the state has the obligation to mount a defense. Here Cuomo (and the state) are being sued by a female state police officer, known as Trooper 1, in Brooklyn ...

Andrew Cuomo gets NY-funded defense in trooper sex harass suit, judge rules

Taxpayers must shoulder the cost of defending former Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a lawsuit accusing him of sexually harassing a state trooper, a judge ruled Friday. The former three-term Democrat sued New York Attorney General Letitia James in August to overturn her office’s refusal to cover him in a Brooklyn federal lawsuit alleging he made suggestive comments and inappropriately touched a state trooper on her stomach and back. The former governor claimed the sex harassment accusations were made while he was governor — entitling him to a state-funded defense. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Shlomo Hagler sided with Cuomo, agreeing the state should...
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Andrew Cuomo to receive taxpayer-funded defense in sexual harassment lawsuit

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be represented by a state-funded defense in an alleged sexual harassment lawsuit. In February 2022, Cuomo was sued by an unidentified state trooper who claimed he made suggestive comments, kissed her on the cheek, and "placed the palm of his hand on her belly button and slid it across her waist to her right hip."

Andrew Cuomo slams DA who charged Alec Baldwin: ‘Prosecutors are politicians’

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) blasted the prosecutor who charged actor Alec Baldwin for involuntary manslaughter by suggesting the charges were politically motivated. Cuomo remarked that while people often believe prosecutors are “above politics,” he believes they aren’t. “Prosecutors are politicians,” he argued on his “As a Matter of Fact…With Andrew Cuomo” podcast,…

Andrew Cuomo skipping event to celebrate his dad’s governorship amid rift with ex-staffers

The beloved late New York Governor Mario Cuomo is going to be honored at a glitzy Manhattan event Thursday night — but missing from the guest list is his disgraced son, ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, sources tell The Post. The scion of the state’s preeminent political clan — along with other members of the Cuomo dynasty — will skip the event and thus avoid coming into contact with other guests with whom he has had a beef since his departure as governor in 2021 amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Among the expected attendees are former Mario Cuomo aide Howard Glaser, who publicly...

Judge rules NY state to pay for former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s legal bills

The former governor sued state Attorney General Letitia James. He says she violated state law by denying him public assistance for his defense. Check out more Eyewitness News – Find us on social media:. FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: TIKTOK: We’re abc7NY, also known as...

What ex-NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, other celebs, did for their holidays

Andrew Cuomo, whose game, fame and name never left New York while in office, holidayed in LA. His hundred years in Albany our ex-gov never even knew America had a West Coast. For his — pardon the expression — virgin experience Andrew visited daughter Michaela who’s Out There. They climbed in Big Sur. They dinnered at Nobu. They did family, friends, crabmeat, lobster and shrimp. Santa says Andrew was a good boy. More. Steve Wynn’s holiday ring-a-ding in Florida grabbed Stallone with his wife Jennifer. How much of 2023 they’ll see together, who knows . . . Governor a few governors ago, David Paterson recalled investigating Kuwait with then-Rep. Anthony Weiner — of whom civilization has since...
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“A Lot of Time With Cars and Fish”: One Year Later, Andrew Cuomo Still Regrets Resigning

One year later, Andrew Cuomo still regrets resigning. Since leaving the governor’s mansion last August, he has had no fixed address. He has been on several dates, but remains single. And he is keenly interested in the results of his successor’s campaign this November—because if Kathy Hochul loses, it could open the door to Cuomo’s political revival.