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SCOTUS to review corruption case against ex-Andrew Cuomo aide Joe Percoco

The US Supreme Court agreed to take up the corruption case against Joe Percoco, a longtime aide of disgraced Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Percoco, who managed Cuomo’s 2014 re-election campaign, was convicted in 2018 for accepting more than $300,000 from companies that wanted to gain influence with the former governor’s administration. He was sentenced later that year to six years in prison before being quietly released late last year two years early. A SCOTUS ruling in his favor would effectively bar federal bribery charges against private citizens no matter their amount of influence over elected officials. “Generally speaking, bribery cases involve somebody paying a government...
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Lee Zeldin, Harry Wilson bash each other over past praise for Andrew Cuomo

Gubernatorial hopeful Harry Wilson has bashed Republican rival Rep. Lee Zeldin for weeks over his past praise of ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo — despite whipping up public support for the disgraced pol’s ideas years ago. “Wilson has been spending millions of dollars lying about me on TV and radio and in mail, trying to connect me to exactly what he was lavishing praise upon at Cuomo’s feet in January of 2011 … I am pointing out the hypocrisy here, that Harry Wilson is time and again the opposite of who he is making himself out to be,” Zeldin told The Post Tuesday. Indeed, a January 2011 Daily...
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After reporting about his Martha’s Vineyard jaunt, Andrew Cuomo suddenly wants to talk

This story starts with Once Upon a Time: Once upon a time Mario Cuomo was governor of NY. I knew him long before he was even lieutenant governor. We loved one another. He’s been to my home. We’ve had dinners, parties, evenings, secrets together. I knew the family. I spent time with his wife. Of my heartful of experiences, I right now remember five: One, he brought me up to the official Governor’s Residence for a whole day. We went through all the rooms. He reminisced. Told stories. Another time, when he came for dinner, he studied ceilings and walls covered with my hundreds...

You probably didn’t hear, but Andrew Cuomo flew on private jet to Martha’s Vineyard after Buffalo speech

Who pays the Buffalo bill? Sunday Andrew ­Cuomo made a speech in Buffalo. You read about that. He flew by private jet so maybe his war chest sprang for the flight. You didn’t read about that. Immediately afterward he headed to a beach. You didn’t read about that. His jet’s tail number N26VJ left White Plains 6:45 a.m., landed Buffalo 7:51. He spoke in a church, did not hand out the food afterward or say where he’s living. Maybe the attic at Hut Hochul? He then took off 9:40 for Martha’s Vineyard. You didn’t read about that. Now, about LI’s gerrymandering poop. Newly drawn lines just erased moderate...
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How NY Democrats plan to stop Andrew Cuomo from mounting a comeback

Albany Democrats are proposing legislation that would strip former Gov. Andrew Cuomo of his approximately $16 million campaign war chest before he could mount a much-rumored comeback bid. “I was very concerned about this governor, with his style of retribution, using this giant campaign fund to punish other people who...