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Andrea Riseborough, Stephen Graham and Sindhu Vee Join 'Matilda' Cast and Andrea Riseborough, Stephen Graham and Sindhu Vee Join 'Matilda' Cast

Andrea Riseborough, Stephen Graham and Sindhu Vee Join 'Matilda' Cast and Andrea Riseborough, Stephen Graham and Sindhu Vee Join 'Matilda' Cast. Andrea Riseborough, Stephen Graham and Sindhu Vee Join 'Matilda' Cast and Andrea Riseborough, Stephen Graham and Sindhu Vee Join 'Matilda' Cast. Minneapolis mayoral candidates emphasize need for community involvement.
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Matilda: Andrea Riseborough, Stephen Graham & Sindhu Vee Join Musical

Matilda: Andrea Riseborough, Stephen Graham & Sindhu Vee join Netflix musical. Deadline is reporting that Andrea Riseborough (Mandy), Stephen Graham (Rocketman) and Sindhu Vee (Feel Good) are joining the ensemble of the Netflix musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Graham and Riseborough will be playing Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood, Matilda’s parents in the Matthew Warchus film.
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Matilda: Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough to play Mr and Mrs Wormwood in Netflix’s musical film

Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough have been cast as Mr and Mrs Wormwood in Netflix’s adaptation of Matilda the Musical.Directed by Matthew Warchus, the new version of Matilda is based on Tim Minchin’s award-winning musical, which itself is an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s 1988 children’s book about a young girl with magical powers.Graham and Riseborough will play Matilda’s useless parents, while comedian Sindhu Vee has also joined the cast as Mrs Phelps.Previously announced stars of the film include Emma Thompson as Miss Trunchbull, Lashana Lynch as Miss Honey and newcomer Alisha Weir as Matilda.Celebrating the news, Graham tweeted: “‘Dad why...

Andrea Riseborough, Stephen Graham, Sindhu Vee Board Netflix's

A trio of theatre veterans have joined the cast of Netflix’s film adaptation of the Matilda musical. Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough will play the title character’s neglectful parents Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood, while Sindhu Vee takes on librarian Mrs. Phelps. As previously announced, 11-year-old newcomer Alisha Weir has been...

Netflix’s ‘Matilda’ Musical: Stephen Graham & Andrea Riseborough to Stun Us With Their Singing as Matilda’s Parents

Andrea Riseborough and Stephen Graham are the latest to join the cast for the upcoming Netflix/TriStar adaptation of the stage musical Matilda, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The pair will take over where Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman left off as Matilda's memorably nasty parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood. Notably, neither of these actors are known for their singing prowess and have not displayed said talents on screen before, which means this movie just got ten times more interesting.

Andrea Riseborough Joins ‘Matilda’ Musical As Mrs. Wormwood

You had me at Andrea Riseborough. The Mandy and Possessor actress has joined the latest adaptation of Roald Dahl’s beloved book, Matilda. This one will be a musical, with a cast that includes Alisha Weir, Emma Thompson, Lashana Lynch, and other new additions Stephen Graham and Sindhu Vee. Matilda follows...

Working Title’s ‘Matilda’ adds Stephen Graham, Andrea Riseborough, Sindhu Vee

Stephen Graham, Andrea Riseborough and Sindhu Vee have joined the cast of Matilda from Working Title, Netflix and Sony’s TriStar Pictures. Graham and Riseborough will play Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood, while comedian Vee will play Mrs. Phelps. They join the previously announced Alisha Weir, Emma Thompson and Lashana Lynch in the cast.

SXSW 2021 Interview: Writer/Director Stacey Gregg Discusses Collaborating with Andrea Riseborough and More for HERE BEFORE

Last week, Irish filmmaker Stacey Gregg celebrated the world premiere of Here Before, her psychological thriller, at the 2021 SXSW Film Festival. Starring Andrea Riseborough, Niamh Dornan, Jonjo O’Neill, Eileen O’Higgins, and Lewis McAskie, the film follows a mother named Laura (Riseborough), who becomes increasingly convinced that the little girl (Dornan) who moves in next door is the reincarnation of her own daughter who died years prior, which puts a great deal of strain on both families. But Laura’s obsession grows deeper the more time she spends with the girl, and from there, horrifying truths are revealed that forever change the dynamics of both families caught in the middle of her grief and unwavering maternal instincts.

‘Here Before’ Review: Andrea Riseborough Leads a Supernatural Thriller About Mourning and Motherhood [SXSW 2021]

Grief is fickle. Over time, it fluctuates in severity and painful memories can be summoned by anything from a song to revisiting a certain location. An omnipresent shadow of pain, grief is always lingering close by in one form or another. Writer/director Stacey Gregg explores mourning through a mother’s perspective in her debut film, Here Before. A psychological thriller of longing and loss, Gregg mixes in supernatural elements that tease the idea of whether or not our loved ones truly ever leave us.
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'Here Before' is a Dread-Fueled Showcase for Andrea Riseborough

Over the past decade, grief has become a popular theme for genre filmmakers. High-profile directors delight in creating traps built from the bars of their characters’ tragedies. And while the best of these films find real catharsis amidst the sadness, others are content to use tragedy as an anchor to drag their characters down to a shocking ending. Given this, the slow twists and turns of Stacey Gregg‘s Here Before are almost radical in their treatment of grief on screen.

SXSW 2021: Andrea Riseborough amazes in ‘Here Before’

Editor’s Note: Normally this week, Vanyaland Film Editor Nick Johnston would be down in Austin for South-By-Southwest’s film festival, catching as many premieres as he can in between tacos and fun walks down a crowded 6th Street. But SXSW 2021 is a virtual edition, so he’s at home like the rest of us. Luckily, he’s still watching all the films worth seeing, and reviewing them in our film section; check out his official preview here, and keep it locked to our continuing coverage as the fest unfolds.
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‘Here Before’ Review: Andrea Riseborough Stars in a Lost-Child Ghost Story (Or Is It?) Infused With the Spirit of Nicolas Roeg

It’s easy — and understandable — for a movie about parents coping with the death of a child to slide into a glum depressive haze. Yet one granddaddy of the genre is neither glum nor depressing; it turns parental despair into something spine-tingling. “Don’t Look Now,” Nicolas Roeg’s 1973 classic of fractured anxiety, may or may not be a ghost story, but it’s most assuredly haunted. And you could say the same thing about “Here Before,” in which Andrea Riseborough plays Laura, a distraught mother in a small town in Northern Ireland who begins to suspect that her dead daughter has been reincarnated. Has Josie, who was killed in a car accident several years before (her father was at the wheel), reappeared as the new girl next door? Or is Laura making connections that aren’t there as a way to ease the impossibility of her burden?

‘Here Before’: Andrea Riseborough Stars In An Eerily Effective Dramatic Thriller About The Ways Grief Warp Reality [SXSW Review]

It’s already becoming a bit of cliché to say that a film (or book, or show, or album) is Actually About Grief and Trauma, and I’d imagine this will only get worse in the months and even years to come. But Stacey Gregg’s dramatic thriller “Here Before,” which is about a woman who comes to believe that the new neighbors’ daughter is the reincarnation of her own lost young one, is actually about grief and trauma, and handles those topics with delicacy and grace. And then it’s shocking and creepy, on top of that.

‘Here Before’ First Clip: Andrea Riseborough Stars In Eerie-Looking Drama Heading To SXSW

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s first footage from Here Before, Stacey Gregg’s debut feature which is set to debut in SXSW’s Narrative Feature Competition. Andrea Riseborough leads the cast of the creepy-looking psychological drama. When a new family moves in next door, their young daughter, Megan, quickly captivates Laura, stirring up painful memories of her own daughter who died several years previously. Before long, Laura’s memories turn to obsession as Megan’s unsettling behaviour begins to convince her of something supernatural.

THANK YOU to Andrea Riseborough for Giving Us Actual Fashion

In which an actress wisely decides against doing her SXSW promotion on Zoom in a sweatshirt and JUST GOES FOR IT in a real dress and major boots, possibly — judging from said major boots — in a French hotel where she has also just murdered a man who sincerely deserved it. And I am here for it.