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Ana Navarro Calls Out Tucker Carlson After Buffalo Shooting: 'You Are Part of the Problem!'

New! Listen to our weekly View in Review podcast. The women of The View stood united Monday morning after an 18-year-old gunman allegedly carried out a racist attack at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York on Saturday, killing 10 people and injuring three others. The co-hosts were clear that the gunman, who posted a white supremacist manifesto containing references to a conspiracy theory known as "the great replacement," must be held accountable, but Ana Navarro insisted others on the right deserve blame, as well, particularly Fox News' Tucker Carlson and Rep. Elise Stefanik, both of whom have discussed replacement theory. "It's time to name names and point fingers," said Navarro. "They need to be called out!"
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‘The View’s Ana Navarro Went Off On Tucker Carlson And Other Fox News Hosts Over The Mass Shooting In Buffalo

In a fiery rant on Monday morning episodes of The View, co-host Ana Navarro said its time to “name names and point fingers” when it comes to right wing politicians and TV personalities who have enabled the “Great Replacement theory” that led to the white supremacist mass shooting in Buffalo over the weekend. Navarro then proceeded to do exactly that by name-checking Tucker Carlson, Fox News, and Elise Stefanik for their part in the rhetoric that led to the tragic event.

Ana Navarro Says Formula Shortage, Roe v. Wade News Make Her “Thankful” to Have “Shriveled Up, 50-Year-Old Ovaries” on ‘The View’

Sunny Hostin Calls out Lindsey Granger and Ana Navarro During Heated Fight on 'The View': "I Don't Understand Either of You" Joy Behar Compares "Ticked Off" Trump to "Mentally Stable" Biden on 'The View': "That's the Difference Between the 2 Presidents" Ana Navarro Slams Trump White House Officials "Trying to...

Sunny Hostin Calls out Lindsey Granger and Ana Navarro During Heated Fight on ‘The View’: “I Don’t Understand Either of You”

It’s Friday, and Sunny Hostin has reached her both the end of the week and the end of her wits after days of near-constant conflict on The View. Hostin stepped in to diss two of her co-hosts on today during a conversation about the appointment of Karine Jean-Pierre as White House Press Secretary. Hostin called out both Ana Navarro and guest co-host Lindsey Granger for their politics while discussing the ethics of Jean-Pierre’s hiring. The panel debated whether she has a conflict of interest as White House Press Secretary because her partner, Suzanne Malveaux, is a CNN journalist. Navarro, who also works for...

Ana Navarro Slams Trump White House Officials “Trying to Rewrite History”: “They Were Complicit”

Sunny Hostin Delivers Harsh Warning that Elon Musk's Twitter Purchase Will "Unleash the Trolls" on 'The View'. Ana Navarro is not ready to forgive and forget former members of the Trump administration. During Thursday’s episode of The View, Navarro called out Dr. Deborah Birx, who served as Donald Trump‘s Coronavirus Response Coordinator and is releasing her own book about working in the Trump White House.

Ana Navarro Shades The View While Complaining About Trump Staffers' 'Apology Tours'

New! Listen to our weekly View in Review podcast. Suffice it to say Ana Navarro isn't pleased with the direction The View's co-host search has gone in recent months. On Thursday morning, Navarro inadvertently (or maybe not?) shaded the show for enabling ex-Trump officials, including fifth seat frontrunner Alyssa Farah Griffin, to "rehabilitate their image" after leaving the administration.

Should Two Movie Productions Have Been Put On Pause After Will Smith Resigned From The Academy? The View’s Ana Navarro Explains

Sometimes it can take one action for everything to change in your life. Oscar-winning Will Smith has had his career hanging by a thread ever since the evening of the 94th Academy Awards when he slapped Chris Rock on stage. This followed a number of changes in his career, including two of his upcoming movies hitting setbacks. The View’s Ana Navarro has her own take on whether or not two of Will Smith’s movie productions should have been put on pause after he Smith resigned from The Academy.

‘The View’s Ana Navarro Tore Into ‘Snowflake’ Marjorie Taylor Greene For Calling Police Over A Jimmy Kimmel Joke

The ladies of The View came out swinging on Friday morning when it came time to tackle Marjorie Taylor Greene for reporting their ABC colleague, Jimmy Kimmel, to the Capitol Police for cracking a joke about the congresswoman. Earlier in the week, Kimmel roasted Greene for calling members of her own party “pro-pedophile” because they voted to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. Kimmel quipped, “Where is Will Smith when you really need him?” and that was enough for Greene to announce she’d reported the late night comedian to the Capitol Police.

Ana Navarro mocked over claim critical race theory is 'not taught to children'

CNN commentator Ana Navarro was mocked on social media for how she defended critical race theory (CRT) Sunday in response to a Republican congresswoman. Defenders of CRT, a theory based on the notion U.S. institutions are inherently racist, have argued that the curriculum is not taught in K-12 schools and is only saved for college-level courses. Conservative critics have disputed that argument.

Ana Navarro Thought Sarah Palin's Congressional Bid Was 'A Funny April Fools' Joke'

New! Listen to our weekly View in Review podcast. Suffice it to say the women of The View aren't taking Sarah Palin's political comeback too seriously. On Monday morning, the ladies laughed off Palin's bid to fill the Congressional seat left vacant by Rep. Don Young, the prominent Alaska Republican who died last month. Ana Navarro even revealed she initially thought Palin's announcement was "a funny April Fools' joke," but she soon realized the former governor was completely serious about entering the already-packed primary.

‘The View’s Ana Navarro Tells Studios They’re ‘Making A Mistake’ By Pulling Will Smith Projects

Following news that at least two Will Smith projects have already been shelved after the actor slapped Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars, The View‘s Ana Navarro came to Smith’s defense and chastised studios for making, what she feels, is a mistake. The projects to be pulled so far are Fast and Loose for Netflix, and Bad Boys 4, which has reportedly been put on pause by Sony. Those announcements were made within hours of each other, and as Navarro notes, she thinks the studios are going overboard.

Sunny Hostin Rips Into Ana Navarro Over GOP Loyalty on ‘The View”: “You’re the Only Non-Loca in the Party”

As the Supreme Court confirmation process for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson continues, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican, said he would not vote to confirm Jackson. Hosts of the talk show The View got into a heated exchange about the news, with panelist Sunny Hostin calling Ana Navarro, who is a Republican, “the only non-loca in the party anymore.” Novarro kicked off the discussion by saying Graham’s decision was “incredibly disappointing to me,” and remarking, “It really is like the invasion of the body snatchers,” saying that she’d had hope that Graham would vote to confirm Jackson, for whom he’d...