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'The Old Man': How Amy Brenneman Turns the Tables on Jeff Bridges

Editor's note: The following contains spoilers for The Old Man Episode 4.Just as Alia Shawkat stole every scene she got in Episode 3 of The Old Man, one of the best new shows out there right now, Episode 4 provided yet another opportunity for a supporting character to shine. This time it was the quietly stunning work of Amy Brenneman as Zoe that cut through all the noise to stand out. Though the show’s ostensible lead is Jeff Bridges, who also continues to be great as the grizzled Dan Chase on the run, it is the supporting characters that really have continued to elevate the show. In this most recent episode, we witness the aftermath from when Zoe was nearly killed before being whisked away in the trunk of Chase’s car. Initially shaken as anyone would be, over the course of the episode she quietly begins observing details around her and formulating a plan. Speaking volumes even without saying a whole lot of dialogue, you can see the wheels beginning to turn. It initially recalls her outstanding work in the series The Leftovers where she went entire episodes without saying anything at all as a woman who had taken a vow of silence. In The Old Man, you can feel the same commanding presence infused into every single moment.
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How to watch “The Old Man” starring Jeff Bridges and Amy Brenneman: Time, TV channel, FREE stream

Assasins, special operations, and a dark past, oh my! If you’re searching for a new thriller, FX has a new show that’s begging for you to be on the edge of your seat. Starring Jeff Bridges and Amy Brennan, “The Old Man” follows a man who has been living off the grid of society for decades. Stream the premiere on Thursday, June 16 (6/6/2022) at 10 p.m. on Philo, fuboTV, and other streaming services.
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Amy Brenneman joins the cast of ‘Shining Girls’ thriller series on Apple TV+

Deadline reports the Amy Brenneman will join Elisabeth Moss on Apple TV+’s upcoming thriller series ‘Shining Girls’. Previously, Jamie Bell was signed to play the role of a mysterious loner. Brenneman is known for her work in the hit drama series “Judging Amy” for which she received several nominations: three...

Amy Brenneman signs up for Apple TV+ metaphysical thriller 'Shining Girls'

Amy Brenneman has reportedly signed on to be part of the upcoming Apple TV+ series Shining Girls. The metaphysical thriller is based on Lauren Beukes' 2013 best-selling novel The Shining Girls book. Upcoming Apple TV+ metaphysical thriller Shining Girls reportedly has a new cast member, with Judging Amy star Amy...

Shining Girls - Amy Brenneman Joins Cast

Amy Brenneman (Tell Me Your Secrets, Judging Amy) is set for a key recurring role opposite Elisabeth Moss in Apple’s Shining Girls, a metaphysical thriller based on Lauren Beukes’ 2013 best-selling novel The Shining Girls, starring and executive produced by Elisabeth Moss, and executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way.