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5 Most Dangerous Areas in Denver

Denver, formally the City and County of Denver, is the state capital and most populous city in Colorado, United States. It's in the South Platte River Valley, just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, on the western edge of the High Plains. Denver is the 19th most populous city in the United States, the fifth most populated state capital, and the most populous city in the Mountain states, with an anticipated population of 735,538 in 2020. The metropolitan area surrounding Denver is home to the majority of the population and economic activity in Colorado's Front Range region, which is home to an estimated 85 percent of the state's residents.

Sarah Paulson Reveals Carrie Fisher Invited Her To A Make-Out Party Where She Had Awkward Interaction With Friends Star

If you ever wondered just how weird Hollywood parties can get, American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson can give you a pretty good example. Paulson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her Netflix series Ratched when she shared a particularly weird anecdote. It's a story that involves the late, great, Carrie Fisher meeting Paulson and soon luring her to a "make-out party" where some very Eyes Wide Shut-style stuff started going down - leading to an awkward encounter with Friends star Matthew Perry. As stated, it's one of those magically twisted stories that could only come out of Hollywood:
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Devale And Khadeen Ellis Announce They're Expecting Their Fourth Child With A Family Photo Shoot

"In 20 weeks we add one more little Ellis to our pack of crazy." The Ellis family is growing — again. Devale and Khadeen Ellis, YouTube stars, podcast hosts and actors (he’s a star on Tyler Perry’s Sistas), shared the news on Monday (June 21) that they’re expecting another baby. The family did a photo shoot where they all matched in leather jackets, denim jeans and white tees. Khadeen was the only one whose top didn’t fit as she showed off her growing baby bump.
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Man finds trapdoor in Airbnb that leads to ‘swamp’ below

A man discovered a mysterious, apparently randomly placed trap door while on a weekend retreat at an Airbnb. After further investigation, he found a set of dusty stairs that led to what can only be described as a green murky swamp. Robert shared the video to TikTok saying, “Not my...
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Townsend events calendar

1. Tim & The Glory Boys - THE HOME-TOWN HOMETOWN TOUR - Helena, MT; 2. Jefferson City Community Day; 3. Broadwater County Fair and Rodeo and KOA Dessert Cook-Off; 4. Edcamp MT-West; 5. Wild West Cowboy Supper;

The lumber bubble burst. Here’s what comes next

After climbing to historic heights this spring, lumber prices are headed back down—fast. Last week the cash price per thousand board feet of lumber fell $211 to $1,113, according to industry trade publication Random Lengths. That's down 27% from its $1,515 all-time high on May 28. "We are in a...