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Betty White's Lasting Love Story With Allen Ludden: Why Her Third Husband Was Her One and Only

Watch: Betty White Dead at 99: Remembering the Actress. When it came to love, the third time was certainly the charm for Betty White. The legendary entertainer, who would've turned 100 on Jan. 17, had married Army Air Forces pilot Dick Barker in 1945—and divorced him that year, too, after he tried to bring the Beverly Hills High School graduate home to roost on his Ohio chicken farm. "A nightmare," she called that experience.
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Password’s Allen Ludden: From small-town Wisconsin to game-show glory

I recently visited Mineral Point to sample its famous attractions, including the historic mining sites and the 19th century architecture. But during my stay in southwestern Wisconsin, I also stumbled onto a bit of local lore I’d known nothing about. I overheard several conversations about Allen Ludden, the smooth-talking...

Who Is Betty White’s Late Husband, Allen Ludden?

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Who Was Allen Ludden? All About Betty White's Emmy Award-Winning Husband

With his trademark horn-rimmed glasses, Allen Ludden looked like a guy who was more at home in a college seminar on quantum physics than in a television studio. Despite the bookish exterior, he had an infectious energy that made him one of TV's most popular game show hosts from the 1950s through the '70s. The secret to his personal charm? "It was his enthusiasm," Betty White said of her husband of 18 years during a 2012 interview with Piers Morgan on CNN. "He was interested in everything."