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Alisha Wainwright Says Justin Timberlake Is "Incredible" One Year After PDA Scandal

Allow me to take ya back for a sec: It's November 2019 and Justin Timberlake is working on his upcoming movie, Palmer. Then, all hell breaks loose—after a loooong night of filming, Justin and his co-star Alisha Wainwright are seen holding hands (!!!) during a night out in New Orleans. Justin and Jessica Biel's relationship becomes rocky, but then a little nuisance called coronavirus makes us all forget.
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Alisha Wainwright Praises Her Palmer Costar Justin Timberlake: 'He Was Incredible in This Movie'

Alisha Wainwright has nothing but praise for her Palmer costar Justin Timberlake. The actress stars opposite the singer and actor in the Apple TV+ drama, which follows a former high school football star who returns to his hometown after spending 12 years in prison. During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wainwright, 31, couldn't help but admire what a professional Timberlake, 40, is on set.
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Alisha Wainwright sings the praises of her Palmer co-star Justin Timberlake... though she doesn't address their PDA scandal

Alisha Wainwright has nothing but high praise for her Palmer co-star Justin Timberlake, despite being embroiled in a bit of a controversy while they were filming the drama. Wainwright, 31, and Timberlake, 40, were spotted holding hands and getting quite close while hanging out at an outdoor bar patio in New Orleans in November 2019.

Alisha Wainwright on Telling Justin Timberlake the Truth in ‘Palmer’

With breakout roles in Freeform’s Shadowhunters and Netflix’s Raising Dion, Alisha Wainwright has quickly established herself as one of the rising stars of the entertainment industry. Born in Fort Lauderdale, Wainwright briefly got a taste of the camera as a novice child actor and model, but instead of pursuing acting...

Is Jessica Biel Freaking Out About Justin Timberlake And Alisha Wainwright Promoting Palmer Together?

A lot has changed since photos of Justin Timberlake and Alisha Wainwright getting a bit too touchy while filming their movie Palmer but now, new reports say that Justin’s wife, Jessica Biel is freaking out. The trouble appears to be stemming from Justin and Alisha preparing to promote Palmer together and even though they will be doing it virtually, it is still troubling Jessica. Rumors that Jessica was livid were rampant back in November and December 2019 at the height of the scandal that prompted Justin to turn to Instagram to declare his love for his wife.

'Palmer': Meet Justin Timberlake, Alisha Wainwright and rest of the cast of Apple TV+'s tear-jerker film

'Palmer' is all set to arrive on Apple TV+ and it promises to be a real tear-jerker. The story follows former All-American collegiate football star named Eddie Palmer (Justin Timberlake) who is trying to find his life's purpose, after spending 12 years in jail. The punishment has ended his career, obviously. In the trailer, we can see Palmer returning to Louisana, where his grandmother, played by June Squibb, as well as a little boy named Sam (Ryder Allen) are eager to see him. His grandmother has been caring for the boy, but Palmer soon realizes that Sam cannot conform to the rigid rules of rural society. Sam has been abandoned by his mother and is being bullied in school. Palmer finds comfort in mentoring him, and they share an unlikely bond that forms the crux of the film.