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Alicia Vikander Breaks Down Irma Vep’s Most Meta Moments

How does one remake a remake? The answer still confuses Alicia Vikander. The actress is currently producing and starring in the new HBO series Irma Vep by director Olivier Assayas, who is recreating his 1996 French film of the same name which featured Maggie Cheung (In the Mood for Love, Hero) in the titular role. Both iterations follow an actress who is cast in a remake of the 1915 silent film serial Les Vampires to play villainess Irma Vep (an anagram for “vampire”), and finds the character rubbing off on her as she delves into the role—and slips into her famous black bodysuit.
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What to Watch Tonight: Alicia Vikander Is Tres Chic in HBO's Irma Vep

HBO gets its HBO on tonight with its latest limited series drawn from the world of international independent cinema. Alicia Vikander stars in French filmmaker Olivier Assayas' Irma Vep, which is a TV remake of Assayas' 1996 movie of the same name. It's a trip. If you're looking for something a little more straightforward, there are the final season premieres of CW series Roswell, New Mexico and In the Dark, which have both been canceled.
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Alicia Vikander on Taking Her Turn in the Metaverse with HBO’s ‘Irma Vep’

Click here to read the full article. On a cloudy day in late October, at a chic hotel steps from the Champs Elysées, Alicia Vikander sat glued to her phone. The actress was silent, leaning back on an antique chair while her fingers tap-danced across an iPhone screen. She was idle and hard at work, making her stillness pop under the key lights and dollying camera tracking her every facial tic.  While the Hotel Raphael ably played itself in this quiet scene, Vikander had more of a dual role: On set was Alicia, the Sweden-born dancer turned Hollywood star, and...

‘Irma Vep’ Review: Alicia Vikander and Olivier Assayas Team Up for a Sharp, Reflective TV Self-Adaptation

Click here to read the full article. It really is a miracle that any filmed piece of art ever gets made. Widen out the scope and scale of a film or a series (or any any other time-dictated variation thereof) and the sheer number of people that have to work together to get a project from an idea to a reality only seems to get more staggering as time goes on. So it’s fitting that Olivier Assayas, in a fresh spin on his 1996 film “Irma Vep,” uses a new version of a similar story to soak in all the disparate elements...

‘Irma Vep’ Is Shrewd Industry Commentary, Anchored by Alicia Vikander: TV Review

Click here to read the full article. “Deep down, you are an outlaw yourself,” a director tells his leading lady. “It’s what we share.” His star thanks him, taking the remark as a compliment, but insists she’s nowhere as daring as the character she’s tasked with playing. This moment, in the first episode of HBO’s new series “Irma Vep,” is tossed-off and casual; the actors playing auteur and actress, Vincent Macaigne and Alicia Vikander, are believably weary, film-industry warriors just trying to get through the conversation, and the day. But — as is typical of the work of writer-director Olivier Assayas,...

Alicia Vikander shines in meta HBO series ‘Irma Vep’

HBO’s new series “Irma Vep,” starring Swedish Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, is a clever satire of the entertainment industry … with a psychological bent. Premiering Monday, June 6 at 9 p.m., the series is mostly in English with some French subtitles. It’s based on the 1996 film of the same name, which followed a film crew led by a volatile director remaking a 1915 French noir called “Les Vampires,” about a group of criminals including Irma Vep, who wore a black catsuit.  The “Irma Vep” series has a similar premise, updated for modern times. Vikander stars as Mira, an American actress...

New 'Irma Vep' Trailer Teases a Wild Metalinguistic Journey for Alicia Vikander

After teasing us with a first look at the upcoming limited series Irma Vep, HBO released today a full trailer that puts the premise in a whole new light. The fast-paced trailer reveals that the story is more intense than originally presented, with extra layers of lust and Art discussions thrown in for good measure. In the story, a frustrated actress goes to France in order to star in a remake of the French classic film Les Vampires. The problem is, the shooting is an emotional experience that pushes her to the very limits of her craft and blurs the line between reality and fiction.
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Olivier Assayas, Alicia Vikander Are Having a Blast in HBO’s Irma Vep

There’s such a laidback, playful energy in HBO’s new dramedy “Irma Vep” that it’s contagious, the kind of calming escape that we really need in Summer 2022. It’s just fun to hang out in a world with such smart, interesting characters, and to simply ride the waves of creativity under the guidance of a masterful director like Olivier Assayas. A phenomenal director of actresses—just look at Juliette Binoche’s work in “Clouds of Sils Maria” or Kristen Stewart’s in “Personal Shopper” for examples—he draws one of the career-best turns out of Alicia Vikander as an actress trying to figure out her personal and professional lives while filming a television show in France. Adapting his own 1996 film (which starred Maggie Cheung) a quarter century later, Assayas has found a way to breathe life into the themes of the original by expanding on its universe. The TV series doesn’t feel like a remake as much as an updated companion to the original from a filmmaker who has spent the last 25 years since its release honing his craft and observing the very process that he loves so much with all of its personality conflicts, on-set catastrophes, and creative pitfalls. This is a smart, twisting look behind-the-scenes, and a reminder that Assayas is one of the best alive today in the filmmaking business, and apparently TV too.

Alicia Vikander on Exploring Fame in ‘Irma Vep,’ but Staying ‘Detached’ From Celebrity Culture in Real Life

Click here to read the full article. In 1996, Olivier Assayas debuted his film “Irma Vep” at the Cannes Film Festival. 26 years later, the French filmmaker is back at the festival with the same project — but this time, revisited as a HBO series that stars Alicia Vikander. Vikander plays the starring role of a disillusioned actress in the upcoming television show. But in real life, she is the rare star to reject the world of celebrity. In fact, Vikander reveals she doesn’t even have an assistant, in contrast to her “Irma Vep” character. “I, myself, have never had an assistant...

Devon Ross On 'Irma Vep,' Working With Alicia Vikander And 'Dad Energy'

Resplendent in a cream silk twill CELINE by Hedi Slimane dress, complete with hair carefully shaped into a sculptural fringe adorned with floating pearls, actor Devon Ross looked every bit the consummate Hollywood superstar as she floated up the Cannes red carpet and into the premiere for mini-series Irma Vep, in which she stars.