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Dakota Johnson recounted that Alfred Hitchcock once gave his mother an alarming object

Johnson comes from a long line of outstanding ladies. Not only is his mother Melanie Griffithbut his maternal grandmother, tippi hedrenHe is a Hollywood legend. Known for her work on Hitchcock films such as “The Birds” and “Marnie,” Hedren often referred to herself as the filmmaker’s muse. However, as Hedren herself revealed in her 2016 memoir, her dynamic was dark.
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Dakota Johnson says Alfred Hitchcock gave mom Melanie Griffith a miniature of grandma Tippi Hedren in a coffin

Dakota Johnson claimed that Alfred Hitchcock once gave her mother Melanie Griffith a miniature of her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, in a coffin. Hedren, one of the renowned filmmaker’s "Hitchcock blondes," or muses, starred in two of his films: 1963’s "The Birds" and 1964’s "Marine." The actress previously claimed that Hitchcock became controlling as he groomed her to be a star.

An Alfred Hitchcock film inspired a key Downton Abbey: A New Era plot line

After 100-plus years as an art form, film is nothing if not self-referential. Downton Abbey: A New Era goes meta with the filming of a silent picture at the estate (the horror!), a development that gets even more complicated when the producers decide it needs to become a talkie partway through production.

‘Like an Alfred Hitchcock movie’: California couple returns home to find hundreds of birds in house

It was far from the famed black and white suspense film “The Birds” but a California couple came home from vacation to find the house overrun with unwelcome winged guests. ABC 7 KRCR reports how it was a couple of weeks ago when Gary and Patti Reitemeyer laid their eyes upon the feathered sight. They has just returned home to Redding from a trip to Sacramento, and had previously been notified by a neighbor who had been tasked with feeding their cat that they had about 20 winged house guests flying around.