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Alexandra Botez apologizes for controversial slavery comment

Chess streamers for Team Envy Alexandra Botez and her sister Andrea Botez took to Twitch on Tuesday to apologize for some controversial statements that they made during a live stream on Monday, which appeared to defend Dubai's use of slavery. According to Alexandra, she doesn't support slavery and the comment in question was a half-baked, unrelated thought that has been taken out of context.
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Alexandra Botez under fire after appearing to defend slavery

Alexandra Botez came under fire over the weekend after she appeared to defend Dubai's alleged use of slavery on an AT&T sponsored stream hosted from the 2021 World Chess Championship taking place in the United Arab Emirates. While the sisters later claimed she was being taken out of context, the statement still caused an uproar from their stream chat and folks online who were offended by the comment.
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Chessbrah slams Hikaru for Twitch drama, says Chessbae “manipulated” Alexandra Botez

Eric Hansen has spoken out against GM Hikaru amid the ongoing Twitch chess drama and explained how Chessbae “manipulated” Alexandra Botez into not seeing him. On April 12, Chess Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura issued an apology after Eric Hansen’s Chessbrah’s YouTube channel was hit with copyright strikes by Chessbae – a member of his community and former moderator.

Chess GM calls PogChamps 3 "popcorn stuff"; Hikaru, Alexandra Botez, and more stand in defense

Russian chess Grandmaster Yan Nepomniachtchi tweeted Monday his opinion about's PogChamps 3 chess tournament and immediately got in hot water with the Twitch streamer community. Nepomniachtchi called the event "popcorn stuff", saying it's "terrifying" how such tournaments are edging out "real chess content". Nepomniachtchi's opinion did not sit well...

Alexandra Botez defends PogChamps 3 after chess GM slams “sad” Twitch event

Alexandra Botez defended PogChamps 3 after chess grandmaster Yan Nepomniachtchi slammed the “sad” Twitch tournament event, and expressed concern about it replacing “real chess” moving forward. The internet has been going crazy over PogChamps 3, an online amateur chess tournament filled with Twitch streamers and celebrities including Logic, Pokimane, MrBeast,...