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Putin says Ukraine fight is taking longer than expected

Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged Wednesday that his “special military operation” in Ukraine is taking longer than expected but said it has succeeded in seizing new territory and added that his country’s nuclear weapons are deterring escalation of the conflict. “Of course, it could be a lengthy...
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Apple ditching plan to scan iCloud photos for child abuse material as part of privacy push

Apple is reportedly ditching a controversial plan to scan users’ photos stored in iCloud for child sexual abuse material, or CSAM, amid an ongoing privacy push.  These safety tools, announced in August 2021, were meant to flag illicit content while preserving privacy. But the plans drew widespread criticism from digital rights groups who argued that the surveillance capabilities were ripe for potential abuse.  Apple put the plans on pause a month later. Now, more than a year after its announcement, the company has no plans to move forward with the CSAM-detection tool. The company says it is developing new features that will better balance users privacy and protect...

From Shetlands to Azores, Europe's space race takes off

Projects to develop space centres that can launch satellites into Earth's orbit are sprouting up around Europe, amid the soaring popularity of small rockets and the commercialisation of space. By the end of this year, Spanish start-up PLD Space expects to launch its Miura-1 mini-rocket from the El Arenosillo site...

Arctic Sweden in race for Europe's satellite launches

As the mercury drops to minus 20 Celsius, a research rocket lifts off from one of the world's northernmost space centres, its burner aglow in the twilight of Sweden's snowy Arctic forests. Hopes are high that rockets like this could carry satellites as early as next year, in what could...

Are there any recommended hotels in Tacoma?

Anybody know a good hotel in Tacoma? I've never been but I hear horror stories about people bringing back bed-bugs or ending up somewhere dangerous. Is there a well-known hotel that you might know of? Simply searching hotels in Tacoma, obviously, yields too many results to sort through... Thanks!

realme 10 Pro+ brings a touch of elegance to an affordable market segment

There are plenty of beautiful smartphones these days, but one thing that most of them have in common is the premium price tags they carry. While beauty and luxury have always traditionally gone together, it doesn’t always have to be the case, especially with breakthroughs in design and technology. Bringing exciting products to people from all walks of life has always been a pipe dream of many designers and companies, but it often requires the right timing to bring the right ingredients together. realme is one such company investing heavily in making delightful smartphones for its target audience, and it is bringing that vision to fruition in the new realme 10 Pro series that’s now launching globally.
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AAP headquarters decked up to welcome national party status

New Delhi, Dec 8 (SocialNews.XYZ) The Aam Aadmi Party headquarters here was decked up with colourful balloons, and music was blazing to exhibit the mood for celebrations that prevailed in the party as it is likely to get the national status after the Gujarat Assembly election results on Thursday.