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Belarus: Lithuanian PM says hard to believe Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus: Lithuanian PM says hard to believe Alexander Lukashenko. Ingrida Simonyte, the prime minister of Lithuania, has criticised Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's statement about diverting a flight to Minsk on Sunday. “It is so complicated for anyone who believes in the rule of law, institutions and the Western democracies to...
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What you need to know about Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus has drawn international condemnation for forcing a commercial jet to land on Sunday and arresting an opposition journalist on board. The sudden grounding of the Ryanair flight, which some European leaders have called state-sponsored hijacking or terrorism, has raised concerns that flying through repressive regimes may be unsafe for activists and journalists. And it marked the latest attempt by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, often called “Europe’s last dictator,” to quash dissent.
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Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko crows that he's "survived" a foreign "blitzkrieg"

Minsk, Belarus — Belarus' authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko said Thursday that his country had fought off a foreign "blitzkrieg," in a defiant address to loyalists following months of protests against his decades-long rule. The strongman had promised to unveil reforms at the people's assembly in the capital Minsk, but his opening address to a packed auditorium of delegates in military and official uniforms instead focused on belittling attempts to overthrow his government.
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Alexander Lukashenko continues a ruthless campaign of violence against journalists – we must not avert our gaze

The political situation in the former Soviet republic remains febrile, but it seems the government knows it can only hold on to power by silencing independent journalists, writes Nadezhda Belakhvostik. n many parts of the world, hi-vis jackets marked “PRESS” offer protection to journalists. In Belarus, they help the authorities...