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Watch Steve Stevens, Alex Skolnick, Richard Fortus and more perform Yes’s Starship Trooper in an epic all-star ensemble for Roadie Relief

A 17-musician ensemble comprising guitarists Steve Stevens, Alex Skolnick, Richard Fortus and more has performed an epic cover of Yes’s prog-rock masterpiece Starship Trooper in its entirety to support Roadie Relief. Thank you for reading 5 articles this month*. Join now for unlimited access. US pricing $3.99 per month...
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“A Lesson in Deep Expression”: Alex Skolnick Talks Allan Holdsworth and More

We recently asked some of the guitar world’s best-known players to name their favorite lesser-known guitar solos. Here are Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick’s top five choices…. 1) Michael Brecker | “Nothing Personal”. From Michael Brecker (1987) GUITARIST: Pat Metheny. “Pat Metheny’s solo is the perfect blend of...
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Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick unveils hip-hop side project Hu$h Money

Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick has launched a tongue-in-cheek old school hip-hop project, Hu$h Money, with and unveiled the group’s first single, the biting, satirical B.I.G. L.I.E. which takes aim at Fox News, Donald Trump, right wig echo chambers and the deluded ‘Patriots’ who brought terror and violence to the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Testament’s Alex Skolnick Releases New Rap Song “B.I.G. L.I.E.”

Hu$h Money is a rap duo featuring Skoly-D and Kimmy G. Check out their first video “B.I.G. L.I.E,” a take on the events that took place one year ago, January 6, 2021. “B.I.G. L.I.E.” deals with plenty of non-laughing matters, yet we can all use a little comic relief,” says Skoly-D, who is rumored to be the song’s composer and producer, Alex Skolnick, well known as a celebrated guitarist of metal and jazz (he and Skoly have never been seen in the same room). “What better way to point out the absurdity of it all than some classic rap grooves with humor inspired by the Founding Father of funny sociopolitical music, Mr. Zappa? We don’t expect to change any minds here, but hope that whether someone agrees with the song or not, they will—at the very least—be entertained. And for those who aren’t: We eagerly await your online rants and zingers. Make ‘em good!”

Testament’s Alex Skolnick shares politically-driven rap song “B.I.G. L.I.E.”

Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick has unveiled a video for a politically-driven rap song titled “B.I.G. L.I.E.” The new duo project under the name Hu$h Money features Kimmy Gorden premiered the new track on Skolnick’s Instagram with the following statement:. “B.I.G. L.I.E.”. Alright folks! I have a few...

Testament’s Alex Skolnick Is Back With Another Politically Oriented Rap Song: “B.I.G. L.I.E.”

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and extremely divisive political climate that has festered under it has produced some odd offerings and happenings in the music world, and Testament, etc. guitarist Alex Skolnick‘s forays into tongue-in-cheek political rap are certainly among them. Today (January 06th,) Skolnick launched a third entry into that genre, with the debut of his track “B.I.G. L.I.E.“.

Artist’s Choice: Randy Klein and Alex Skolnick Talk Cuban-Chinese Cuisine

At first glance, Randy Klein and Alex Skolnick appear to be odd partners. Pianist/keyboardist Klein has a deep R&B and musical-theater background; guitarist Skolnick made his name in the thrash-metal band Testament. But over the past few years, a shared love of jazz brought them together, and they’ve been playing regularly as a duo. One of the standout songs in their repertoire is “Casa China,” a pre-existing Klein composition with a winsome melody and a powerful vamp. Its title was inspired by a late-20th-century New York City phenomenon: the proliferation of inexpensive restaurants offering both Chinese and various Latino foods (Cuban, Spanish, Mexican, Peruvian). Staffed primarily by Chinese workers, they differed from today’s Asian-fusion establishments in that the Chinese and Latino dishes coexisted on the menu but were never combined—unless you put them together yourself.
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Alex Skolnick debuts first-ever blues trio track, Florida Man Blues

One of the most prolific shredders and fusion virtuosos around, Alex Skolnick has showcased a mastery of multiple genres, from heavy metal to jazz, with the likes of Testament, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Metal Allegiance and The Alex Skolnick Trio. For his latest outing, however, Skolnick has ventured into new territory, reuniting...

Percy Jones / Alex Skolnick / Kenny Grohowski / Tim Motzer: PAKT (MoonJune)

Improvisation is the essence of jazz and all progressive music. And on August 15, 2020 at ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn, four masked men made a PAKT (ahem) to improvise spontaneously for nearly two hours. Guitarists Alex Skolnick and Tim Motzer, electric fretless bassist Percy Jones, and drummer Kenny Grohowski, all facing reduced performance schedules because of COVID-19 lockdown rules, simply set up at the venue, socially distanced with only minimal additional personnel present to record the event, and played whatever came to mind.

Alex Skolnick Remembers Leslie West On ‘Moods & Modes’ Podcast

The latest episode of Alex Skolnick’s Osiris Media podcast Moods & Modes remembers Mountain guitarist Leslie West who sadly died on December 23, 2020. The podcast touches on West’s huge influence on hard rock, heavy metal and beyond as well as Leslie’s unique guitar setup and more. Episode 19 of...
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Watch Alex Skolnick, Angel Vivaldi and Richard Shaw trade soaring licks in Lost Symphony's new music video, Acceptance

Lost Symphony have released the music video for Acceptance, taken from the classical metal outfit's latest album, Chapter III. The track – or more accurately, soaring electric guitar concerto – features a star-studded guest lineup of Angel Vivaldi, Testament's Alex Skolnick and Cradle of Filth's Richard Shaw, with each offering up a bountiful supply of fretboard fireworks in their respective styles.

Matt Zebroski – Alex Skolnick Trio Drummer – Interview 6/14/21

Matt Zebroski is the Drummer of the Alex Skolnick Trio, MD caught up with him recently for an interview. MD: What inspired you to start playing drums at 12?. MZ: I started out playing clarinet but honestly didn’t have the patience at the time to improve. I wanted to play something that I could make music with right away. Drums were perfect for this and playing them came very naturally to me.

Alex Skolnick: Versatile Guitarist Reflects on Enduring Career

Guitarist Alex Skolnick has earned an enduring career due to his self-described ‘restless creativity’ and his versatility. Joining Bay Area Thrash vets, Testament at only 17, Skolnick successfully mixed melody amidst Thrash’s intensity to create a signature sonic assault beginning with 1987’s The Legacy. Titans of Creation marks the group’s 13th studio record and reveals a revitalized energy while retaining Testament’s hallmarks. Recent Thrash biopics and books dedicated to the genre have contributed to its resurgence and coupled with many of its founding artists still recording and touring, Thrash continues growing its legacy for a new generation.