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Appeal bid by Alex Salmond trial blogger refused

A judge has refused a former diplomat permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court over his eight-month jail term for breaching a court order. Craig Murray was jailed for eight months over blogs he wrote about the trial of Alex Salmond. The former ambassador to Uzbekistan wanted to challenge...
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Royals would be ‘foolish’ to get dragged into Scottish independence debate, says Alex Salmond

Scotland’s former first minister Alex Salmond has warned Prince William and other members of the royal family to keep out the debate on Scottish independence.The Alba Party leader spoke out after former prime minister Gordon Brown – who recently launched a campaign to save the union – held a meeting with the Duke of Cambridge last week.Mr Salmond questioned “what on earth Prince William thought he was doing” by meeting Mr Brown, arguing that it would be “foolish” for him to get dragged into the debate over a second referendum.The Alba leader claimed the get-together in Edinburgh showed “poor...

Is there a future for Alex Salmond?

For the past few months, a civil war has been playing out in the Scottish independence movement. After Alex Salmond's election result, has Nicola Sturgeon won?. As results from the Scottish election started to dribble in last Friday, I got a call from a well-connected SNP source. With more than a little relief in their voice, they were emphatic that Alex Salmond's Alba party had crashed and burned, with no chance of winning a seat.

Alex Salmond trial blogger jailed for eight months

A former UK diplomat has been jailed for eight months over blogs he wrote about the trial of Alex Salmond. Craig Murray - a former ambassador to Uzbekistan - posted a series of articles online about the former first minister's High Court trial in 2020. Prosecutors raised concerns that complainers...
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Former ambassador jailed for Alex Salmond case blogposts

The former diplomat Craig Murray has been jailed for eight months after repeatedly breaching a court order protecting the identities of women who accused Alex Salmond of sexual assault. Murray, a blogger who describes himself as a historian and human rights activist, was found guilty last month of breaching the...
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Former UK ambassador jailed for eight months over ‘abhorrent’ blogs about Alex Salmond trial

A blogger and former British diplomat has been sentenced to eight months in jail for “abhorrent” contempt of court over his blog coverage of the Alex Salmond trial.Craig Murray watched two days of Mr Salmond’s trial last March from the public gallery of Edinburgh’s High Court before writing about it on his website.Judges subsequently ruled that 62-year-old Murray was in contempt of court over blog material capable of identifying four women who had made complaints about Mr Salmond, acquitted of all charges.Sentencing the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Lady Dorrian said Murray knew there were court orders giving the women anonymity and he was...
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Alex Salmond comeback bid ends as Alba fails to secure regional seat in North East Scotland

Alex Salmond will not return to the Scottish Parliament after he failed in his bid to pick up a seat on the regional list allocated by proportional represenation.The former first minster had hoped to become anMSP again and return to frontline politics with his Alba Party after a bruising public fight with Nicola Sturgeon.But his party failed to pick up a seat in the region after winning just 8,269 votes.The Scottish Conservatives won four seats on the North East list, Scottish Labour two and the Scottish Greens one.Earlier on Saturday, Mr Salmond has said the First Minister "lost her nerve"...

Alex Salmond admits he feels 'sad' over bitter feud with Nicola Sturgeon

Alex Salmond has admitted he feels "sad" that his relationship with Nicola Sturgeon has broken down after she revealed she had previously loved her former friend and mentor. The former First Minister, who has launched a rival party to Ms Sturgeon’s SNP and has accused her husband of conspiring to have him wrongly jailed, also denied a report that he had boasted that he could have "destroyed" his former protégé if he had wanted to.
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Alex Salmond claims he could have ‘destroyed’ Nicola Sturgeon

Alex Salmond has claimed he could have “destroyed” SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s political career if he had wanted to.The Alba leader made the astonishing remark in a US magazine article focusing on Ms Sturgeon and her spectacular fall-out with Mr Salmond over the Scottish government’s handling of harassment claims.“I think my political opponents – I don’t know, maybe Alex himself ... There was an element of ‘We can break her,’ you know,” Scotland’s first minister told The New Yorker.“Almost kind of personally as well as politically. That was how it felt. And, you know, there were days when they might...