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Alex Salmond pledges to put differences aside to work with Nicola Sturgeon

The former first minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, has said that he will put his differences with Nicola Sturgeon aside to achieve a second independence referendum.Asked if the personal animosity between the two has now been cleared up, Mr Salmond says that personal differences between himself and Ms Sturgeon are “insignificant compared to the national cause of Scotland becoming independent”.Earlier this week, Scotland’s present First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, unveiled what she mentioned was a “refreshed” case for independence.Click here to sign up to our newsletters.
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Indyref2 campaign should start now, Alex Salmond says

Nicola Sturgeon "must fire the starting gun" in a bid to secure another independence referendum, former first minister Alex Salmond has said. The Scottish government is preparing to publish the first in a series of documents outlining its next steps towards indyref2. The established route is through a Section 30...
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Alex Salmond vows Alba ‘undaunted’ despite defeat for every candidate

The Alba Party remains “undaunted” despite failing to have any councillors elected in Scotland, Alex Salmond has said.The party put up 111 candidates – a number of whom were elected as SNP councillors in 2017 before defecting to Mr Salmond’s party when it launched last year.But none of the candidates managed to gain a seat in any of Scotland’s 32 local authorities, the same fate that befell the party at last year’s Holyrood election.Among those to lose their seat was Chris McEleny, the party’s general secretary.Speaking on Friday, Mr Salmond said: “Our 111 candidates fought a fine campaign and our...

Alex Salmond lawyer guilty of professional misconduct over comments on train

The QC who represented Alex Salmond in a sexual assault trial has been found guilty of professional misconduct after discussing the case on a train.Gordon Jackson QC was caught on video speaking about the former first minister, who was cleared of all charges against him, and two of his accusers.Mr Jackson told the PA news agency that he would not comment on the matter.But in the wake of the finding, Rape Crisis Scotland called for Mr Findlay to be stripped of his right to practise as a QC, with the organisation’s chief executive, Sandy Brindley, saying that would be “an appropriate...

Alex Salmond calls for public share of offshore wind farms

The Scottish government should have a share in all offshore wind developments, Alex Salmond has told the Alba party's conference. The former first minister also said North Sea oil and gas fields should not be closed down. Instead, investment in carbon capture should become a condition of licence approval, the...

Craig Murray loses contempt challenge over Alex Salmond trial blog

A former British ambassador who was jailed over blog posts that could have identified Alex Salmond’s accusers has lost a legal challenge against his prison sentence.Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, had become a blogger and pro-independence campaigner and wrote a series of articles on the former first minister’s high court trial in 2020.The 63-year-old was jailed for eight months for contempt of court after prosecutors said his articles contained details which, if pieced together, could lead readers to identify the women who made allegations against Mr Salmond, who was acquitted of all 13 charges including sexual assault...

‘Unthinkable’ that Alex Salmond still has show on RT, says First Minister

It is “unthinkable” that Alex Salmond still has a show on a Kremlin-backed broadcaster, Nicola Sturgeon has said.The former first minister launched his self-titled show on Russia Today (RT) in 2017, drawing the ire of many across Scottish political life – including his successor Ms Sturgeon.The show is produced independently and broadcast on the Russian station in the UK.I don’t think he should ever have had a television show on RT, but it is even more unthinkable now that that should continueNicola SturgeonBut aggressions by Russia towards Ukraine, with 200,000 troops massing on the border between the two nations, has...