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Latest election results: Measure E in a strong position, Alex Lee and Lily Mei lead in Assembly and Senate races

Votes are still being counted from Tuesday night’s primary election, but we’ve got some current numbers to report regarding the contests that pertain to Milpitas…. Measure E – the parcel tax that would provide funding to the Milpitas Unified School District – appears poised to pass, with 74.6% of residents voting “yes” so far. This measure would renew the annual $84 parcel tax for another 8 years, and provide MUSD with $1.6 million a year. These funds would be used toward maintaining STEAM programs, enhancing reading and writing programs, and bringing on high-qualified teachers. It needs ⅔ of the vote, or 66.67%, to pass.
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Alex Lee – Boys Tennis

Captain and Senior Tennis player Alex Lee is described as "highly competitive with great energy" by his coach. "Alex brings a level of play that challenges himself and those around him. He shows a desire to improve and to compete by always giving his best to the sport." While leading his peers, Alex also finds a way to have fun with his teammates, making for a great environment. In addition to tennis, Alex plays on the Maverick Basketball and Soccer Teams. Alex can also be found in the stands cheering on the Maverick Volleyball and Football Teams whenever possible. That is why Alex Lee is our Meadowdale High School Athlete of the Week.
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Alex Lee: the funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)

We all love to rag on the poor old internet, including myself. It’s a time waster, it’s corrupting the youth, Bitcoin mining is bad for the environment somehow. But it’s not like we were all doing anything that great before we were online either. I mostly just sat around on an inflatable green couch rereading Garfield comics, and the day my parents got the internet at our house, the first thing I did was type into the address bar to pick up where I left off.

Capitol Weekly Podcast: a chat with Asm. Alex Lee

When we invited freshman Assemblymember Alex Lee (D – San Jose) to come on the podcast we planned to discuss his ambitious policy proposals, like Universal Health Care, a Wealth Tax, and a ban on corporate donations to political candidates. What we didn’t expect was that those discussions would all be in the past tense.