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Trump will announce he's running for president on July 4th, says Alex Jones

In news that the world really doesn't need right, Donald Trump is reportedly going to declare that he is running for president again on Monday, July 4th, aka US Independence Day.At least that's what conspiracy theorist Alex Jones thinks. The Infowars host told his viewers that in "five days presidet Trump is going to announce that he is running for his second term. Imagine the explosive political, cultural, economic, medical, financial implications of that."Roger Stone is a close confidant of Trump, he confirmed that the first six months of last year, Trump wasn't going to run. Now they've messed with...

Alex Jones: Right’s war against medicaid expansion doomed

A dream so long enjoyed cannot cease without hardship. But the psychological pain of diminishing hope seems to weigh heavily on the minds of North Carolina’s political Right. For the myriad operatives of our state’s organized right wing movement, the rising likelihood of Medicaid expansion is causing something akin to panic. For those who have long taken pride in obstinate rejectionism, an existential crisis is setting in at the prospect of making healthcare more affordable to the needy. The panic is palpable, for example, in...

Alex Jones Must Pay Some Attorneys’ Fees to Sandy Hook Families After Skipping Texas Deposition

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones must now pay some attorneys’ fees and costs to the families of Sandy Hook school massacre victims after the plaintiffs sent counsel and legal staff to Texas to take a deposition that Jones abruptly canceled earlier this year. That’s according to a concession (in part) and an order from a Connecticut judge (in remaining part).

Tucker Carlson: Alex Jones On Target About Gun Confiscation Laws

Video: Local Heroes Drive Vile Drag Queen From Library Story Hour. News reports claim “Proud Boys” are being investigated for a hate crime, but watch the raw video of the incident that the local news refused to show, and then try to stomach the vile disgusting rap video being performed by “Panda Dulce” — which includes a line of how she wants kids to perform fellatio.
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Newtown Action Alliance chair calls on viewers to boycott CNN’s Alex Jones special

The chairperson of the Newtown Action Alliance, a gun violence prevention advocacy organization, called on viewers Sunday to boycott a CNN program featuring conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. “We are still triggered by the Uvalde shooting,” Po Murray, the grassroot group’s chair, wrote in a post on Twitter. “Despicable liars who...

Sandy Hook families want Alex Jones to pay their legal costs

The families of children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting want conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to pay their legal costs. They’re calling on judges in Connecticut and Texas to make it happen. The families initially said Jones’ effort to seek federal bankruptcy protection was a calculated...