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Albert Einstein Student Wins Congressional Art Competition

An Albert Einstein High School student took top honors in Maryland’s Eighth District 2022 Congressional Art Competition. Isabel Acuna Marin’s art piece titled “Tia Mona” will hang in the U.S. Capitol Building for one year, along with the winning artwork from every congressional district in the nation. Her winning piece is displayed here.
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Inside The Mystery Of Lieserl Einstein, The Secret Daughter Of Albert Einstein

Just a year after she was born in 1902, Albert Einstein's daughter Lieserl Einstein suddenly vanished from the historical record — and until 1986, no one even knew she existed. Albert Einstein was one of the greatest physicists in history. But for years, parts of his private life remained...
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Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein to grace Colorado Mountain College

Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein walk into a bar …. This fortuitous run-in of geniuses begins “Picasso at the Lapin Agile,” an absurdist comedy created by screenwriter, actor and comedian Steve Martin. From April 8-24, the Sopris Theatre Company is slated to show multiple showings of this off-Broadway...

'Simple Relativities (Your Imagination)': Why I made this Albert Einstein homage music video

So, why in the name of the cosmos am I LARP-ing Albert Einstein as a 1950s-stye doo-wop group?!. Well, I wanted to make you smile in these very tense times. It began as a COVID-19 fever hallucination. I had the bug for seven weeks, back in the pre-vaccine days. Lying medicated on the couch, thinking about the universe, I remembered that Einstein passed away in 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey. I knew he was a classical violinist and I got to wondering what other kinds of music might have been in the air around him during his golden years. And, just like that, Albert's voice morphed into a doo-wop group, crooning a gently rocking tune, in my virus-heated head.

Happy birthday, Albert Einstein. We need you right now. (Op-Ed)

Albert Einstein was allergic to authoritarians. His dislike of dogma, playful nature, and ability to constructively concentrate let him visualize unorthodox ways the universe might operate. Some of these proved to be true. Daydreaming his way to deeper understandings was his superpower. It can be ours, too. Through internal journeys...
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‘He was both a resident of a reasonably small town and also a global citizen’: Q&A with Professor Michael Gordin on Albert Einstein

Michael Gordin is the Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at the University and the Director of the Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts. This spring, Gordin is teaching a class on “The Einstein Era,” centered around “the most renowned, and most recognizable, scientist of the twentieth century,” according to the course description.
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Say cheese: Albert Einstein, Dr. Fauci and RBG welcome new M1 Pro MacBook [Setups]

On Fridays it’s fun to focus on computer setups with entertaining features whenever possible. Sometimes it’s seriously vintage gear. Or it could be wacky decor. Once in a while, an exotic location pops up. Today we found one where a brand new M1 Pro MacBook meets a kooky crew of bobbleheads and other figures under a really over-the-top camera rig used as a webcam.
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Inspirational Quotes: Albert Einstein, Vince Lombardi And Others

Inspirational quotes about setting inspirational goals, holding the truth dear and bouncing back when you fail. Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it. Albert Einstein, physicist. Vince Lombardi On Resilience. It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up. Vince Lombardi, football coach.

This Week in Pittsburgh History: Albert Einstein Comes to Pittsburgh

Famed physicist Albert Einstein chose Pittsburgh to give his first major speech in the United States 87 years ago this week. Einstein, already a celebrity by 1934, spoke to the American Mathematical Society Conference at Carnegie Tech, now Carnegie Mellon University, in Oakland. The physicist spoke in a theater that...