Ms. Marvel: Who Plays Aisha, Kamala Khan's Powerful Great-Grandmother?

Editor's Note: The following contains spoilers for Episode 5 of the Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan's (Iman Vellani) great-grandmother, Aisha, was first mentioned back in Ms. Marvel Episode 2 and there has been an air of mystery surrounding the character ever since. The latest episode of the Disney+ series finally delved into her story and answered questions about how she pertains to Kamala's arc. As it turns out, she's a Djinn who has become trapped in our dimension, but it's here where she has met a loving family and seems to have no desire to leave. This causes a huge feud with Najma, another Djinn, who feels betrayed by Aisha. Kamala, who has been sent back to this time by Najma, then has to witness her great-grandmother die, but as she dies she manages to send her powers into the bangles, and we see Kamala gain her powers. The story is emotional, yet action-packed and Aisha is a welcomed addition to the cast of Ms Marvel. But who portrays her so powerfully?
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‘Ms. Marvel’: Who Plays Aisha? Meet Mehwish Hayat

The Ms. Marvel episode “Time and Again” shifts the focus from newbie superhero Kamala Khan and instead tells the story of her great-grandmother Aisha. Viewers have been waiting for this tale to be told ever since Aisha was first mentioned back in Episode 2. The mystery surrounding Aisha only intensified when we met Najma, a villain who professed to know a lot about Kamala’s ancestor — including all of the secret stuff that’s only whispered about at the dinner table.
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What happened to Aisha on Disney Plus Ms. Marvel?

Ms. Marvel has three episodes left but that should be more than enough time to learn what happened to Kamala’s great grandmother Aisha. The Disney Plus Marvel Studios series focuses on high school Muslim American student Kamala Khan, her family, friends, and how her life spent admiring Captain Marvel turns upside down when she discovers powers of her own.

Tribeca Review: ‘Aisha’ With Letitia Wright Gets World Premiere

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Aisha: Scientist, Spy, Superhero

If you’re a Mac Safari user and having trouble loading items in the cart, be sure to UNCHECK “block all cookies” in the privacy settings: Preferences > Privacy. A classroom of fidgety 7th graders from Windsor Middle School’s Advanced Science 303 classroom are excited, but sad. No one in the class has received a Golden Ticket to attend the prestigious All Star Summer Science Academy to continue their CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing experiments. They successfully battled international goons to keep their work.

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Is Nichole Brown back as Aisha on Cobra Kai season 4? We know there’s been a demand to see her for a while. At the start of season 3, it was a stunner to see that the character was so quickly written out of the narrative. Sure, we understand the narrative driving force of wanting to get her away from the Valley and the karate world (many parents would probably consider that after the school fight), but she was such a huge part of the first two seasons! She was also a longtime friend of Samantha LaRusso and seeing that relationship play out within the first two seasons was hugely significant.

Is Aisha in Cobra Kai season 4?

Aisha Robinson, played by Nichole Brown, is one of the major characters in the first two seasons of Cobra Kai. Aisha started as a friend of Sam LaRusso (Mary Mouser), but eventually and after getting bullied at school, Aisha becomes one of the first members of Sensei Johnny Lawrence’s new Cobra Kai.

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Supporters say the sudden urgency behind the bill is likely because of the attention on Gabby Petito, who is suspected to have been killed by her boyfriend and left in a national park after a history of domestic violence incidents. House Bill 3 would make strangulation a domestic violence crime...