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Downcast Aimee Osbourne seen for first time since sister Kelly admits they 'don't speak'

Aimee Osbourne has been spotted for the first time since her sister Kelly confirmed that the pair are no longer in each other’s lives, and are no longer on speaking terms. The famous sisters reportedly fell out in 2014, and in a recent interview Kelly, 36, confirmed the demise of their relationship, as she insisted that she ‘doesn't understand’ her rarely-seen older sibling.
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Who Is Aimee Osbourne? 11 Details About Ozzy And Sharon's 'Hidden' Daughter

You might know Ozzy Osbourne, the English rock singer, his wife Sharon Osbourne, the British-American television personality, and their famous daughter Kelly Osbourne, but how many kids do Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have?. The answer is surprisingly three: Jack, Kelly, and first-born daughter Aimee. Who is Aimee Osbourne?. She's the...

Aimée Osbourne Discusses Why She Chose Not To Be On The Osbournes

The Osbournes was a massive reality TV show that ran between 2002 and 2005 and featured Ozzy Osbourne and most of his family. Ozzy's daughter Aimée Osbourne was absent from the entirety of the show, which she recently revealed to The Oakland Press was very intentional. Aimée said she never...
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Ozzy’s Daughter, Aimée Osbourne, Discusses Opting Out of Osbournes TV Show

Aimée Osbourne, the eldest daughter of Ozzy and Sharon, has been out in the world lately promoting her musical project, Aro (prounounced “arrow”). Interviewers, naturally, are inclined to ask about her family in addition to her music, whatwith the reputation they earned beyond the metal world on the early ’00s reality show The Osbournes (in which she did not participate). It’s been interesting hearing her take on that even if she more or less says the same thing every time (“it wasn’t for me,” paraphrasing).