Adam Zagajewski

A Farewell to Adam Zagajewski

I was waiting for a tennis court on the lakeshore in Chicago when I read that Adam Zagajewski died. I have always considered tennis like writing: you practice to get into a rhythm, you wait for moments of inspiration, and sometimes you play out your imagination without feeling yourself thinking or moving at all. Zagajewski lived not far from there when he taught at the University of Chicago, and his poetry and essays always described how we live between banal moments of everyday life and sudden rousing flights of inspiration and clarity. I hope he would enjoy my comparison to tennis, as both can pull one into the sublime, though it is too late to ask him now.
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Adam Zagajewski obituary

The poet Adam Zagajewski, who has died aged 75, was one of the leading voices of Poland’s Nowa Fala (new wave), also known as the Generation of ’68 – a loose group of poets who opposed the corruption of language imposed by communism and promoted the simplicity and honesty of their native tongue. Like many of his generation, informed by the horrors of the second world war, Zagajewski became focused on poetry’s ethical obligations in understanding and presenting the world to the reader “after Auschwitz”.
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“Poetry Has to Defend Itself”: A Conversation with Adam Zagajewski

I met Adam Zagajewski in 2008, when I was in Kraków on a fellowship — a newcomer to Poland, though not to Polish literature. The genial and yet austere poet guided me through the ancient city and introduced me to its writers, as he had done for so many others. This interview took place three years later, in preparation for an article for the Poetry Foundation. As the world now knows, he died far too soon, on March 21 of this year, at the age of 75. His last message to me, a month after his birthday, read: “75 is actually not so bad — if you’re in a good shape. I don’t complain, so far.”

Acclaimed Polish poet Adam Zagajewski dies at age 75

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Adam Zagajewski, the celebrated Polish poet whose melancholy reflections on the erosion of the world came to express an unfathomable moment of shock and loss after the 9/11 attacks in the U.S., has died in Krakow. He was 75. Zagajewski’s death on Sunday, which was UNESCO’s...

Remembering Neustadt Laureate Adam Zagajewski (1945–2021)

When we heard the news yesterday that Adam Zagajewski had passed away at the age of seventy-five in Kraków, Poland, we immediately thought not only of his exceptional poetry and essays but also of his exceedingly warm congeniality. Zagajewski and his wife, Maya, graced us with their presence at the University of Oklahoma in October 2004, on the occasion of his receiving that year’s Neustadt International Prize for Literature, a year that also saw Chinua Achebe, J. M. Coetzee, José Saramago, and Mario Vargas Llosa nominated for the award. The following acceptance speech, which he delivered at the banquet in his honor, was printed in the May 2005 issue of WLT along with an encomium by Bogdana Carpenter, the juror who nominated Zagajewski for the prize, plus tributes by Clare Cavanagh, Meena Alexander, Magdalena Kay, and others. Zagajewski’s speech and Carpenter’s tribute also appear in the Neustadt anthology Dispatches from the Republic of Letters (Phoneme/Deep Vellum, 2020). On behalf of my colleagues at WLT, we extend our deep sympathies to Maya and to all those close to Professor Zagajewski. – Daniel Simon.

Poland's Adam Zagajewski, 'poet of 9/11' dies aged 75

In this file photo taken on May 21, 2019 Polish poet Adam Zagajewski arrives at the Elysee Palace, in Paris, for a meeting with French President and other authors and philosophers who signed the tribune "Europe at risk". Polish poet Adam Zagajewski, known for his work focused on the September 11 terrorist attack on the US, died aged 75 on March 21, 2021, in Krakow, Polish media reported quoting his publisher. Born in 1945 in Lviv, Zagajewski was one of Poland's most celebrated contemporary authors, winning numerous awards and was short-listed for the Nobel Prize for literature. Ludovic MARIN / AFP.

Polish poet Adam Zagajewski, 2017 Princess of Asturias Award for Literature, dies

Polish poet, novelist and essayist Adam zagajewski He died this Sunday at the age of 75, as reported on social networks by the Princess of Asturias Foundation. He was one of the most famous contemporary Polish poets, assigned to the so-called Generation of 68 or the New Wave, made up of authors determined to commit themselves politically in their works, such as Kornhauser, Kipska, Krynicki or Baranczak. In 2017 he also received the award with the Princess of Asturias Award for Letters.