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Filmmaker Adam McKay on media, misinformation and more

This is an encore episode. To listen to the original episode from March 11, 2022, click here. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Adam McKay is with us to talk about his latest film “Don’t Look Up” and how life imitated art, which imitated life. The man behind the “Anchorman” franchise also opens up about his beef with broadcast news and how he thinks it could be better.
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Adam McKay Says New Film Script, A Comedy-Drama, Takes On The Ills Of “Big, Dirty Money”

Click here to read the full article. “I tried on a lot of different emotional suits, and I tried the freaked-out-I-can’t-sleep-at-night. But, ultimately the people who survive keep their sense of humor. I don’t think that has to be separate from being serious and emotional and profound. I think you can laugh about something while still recognizing that it is serious,” said Adam McKay, who did just that in his 2021 Oscar-nominated Netflix planetary-disaster satire Don’t Look Up. He’s at work on a new feature script now, he said at a Q&A for the Tribeca Festival. “If the last movie was about...

Julian Rubinstein on THE HOLLY, Now Backed by Oscar Winner Adam McKay

The past week has been a chance for journalist turned filmmaker Julian Rubinstein to finally catch his breath. But resting easy isn't on his agenda. On May 12, Rubinstein finished THE HOLLY, a documentary he wrote and directed that's based on his acclaimed 2021 book of the same name — just in time for a press screening scheduled for May 18, and its official debut at the Mountainfilm festival in Telluride on May 28.

Adam McKay Will Improvise Bedtime Stories (Not for Kids) in New Podcast From Sony Music

Click here to read the full article. Ready to listen to an off-the-cuff tale from Adam McKay as you drift off to dreamland? Of course you are. In the forthcoming podcast “Bedtime Stories With Adam McKay” from Sony Music Entertainment, the filmmaker, writer and comedian will deliver an “immersive and lulling auditory experience” — one that McKay will make up on the spot, the company says. It’s part of Sony Music’s new original podcast slate, announced Wednesday as part of the IAB Podcast Upfronts. Each episode of “Bedtime Stories” will feature McKay delivering an improvised story, based on one word chosen at...

Adam McKay is now an executive producer on Julian Rubinstein’s “The Holly” movie

Denver journalist and author Julian Rubinstein began filming a documentary version of “The Holly” when he began his reporting on his book of the same name. The book, which came out last year, chronicles the past and present of a block in Northeast Park Hill that’s been the center of gang wars, a broader fight to quell violence, dubious police tactics and gentrification. He’s almost finished with his movie, and he’s now adding some massive names to his credits.

‘Winning Time’: Author Jeff Pearlman Talks Series Backlash, Meeting Adam McKay and Who Should Play Phil Jackson

Click here to read the full article. One week ago, NBA legend and Los Angeles Lakers icon Jerry West employed his legal representation to send a letter to HBO, Warner Bros. Discovery and Adam McKay demanding a legal retraction for his portrayal on HBO’s “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.” The correspondence included testimony by former members of the Lakers organization, including retired ballplayer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, to reinforce its argument of the show creating “a deliberately false characterization.” Weeks before, Earvin “Magic” Johnson himself voiced his criticism of the series to Variety, saying “You can’t do a story about...