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Gold Investors Returning – Adam Hamilton

While gold has been grinding higher, it hasn’t soared yet despite raging inflation and rolling-over stock markets. The main reason has been the lack of investment capital inflows. But long-apathetic investors are starting to return, flocking back to gold exchange-traded funds as the US stock markets threatened a correction. That buying is a bullish gold omen, fueling upside momentum that will attract in more investors.
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Adam Hamilton: The Lord’s Prayer shows us Christians how to heal hyperpartisanship

In their recent book “The Upswing,” Robert Putnam, Malkin Research Professor of Public Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School, and co-author Shaylyn Romney Garrett suggest that there is a correlation in America between polarization and an emphasis on the individual. Conversely, when polarization has been low, there was an emphasis on the community and the common good.
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Gold Investors Ignore Fed – Adam Hamilton (06/28/2021)

Gold was just hammered lower after the latest FOMC decision. Heavy gold-futures selling erupted after a third of top Fed officials implied they saw a couple potential rate hikes way out into year-end 2023. While leveraged gold-futures speculators panicked, gold investors ignored these faint tidings of slight tightening way off in the distant future. Their resolve is bullish for gold, as investors control far more capital than speculators.

Gold-Stock Gains Mount – Adam Hamilton (06/07/2021)

The gold miners’ stocks are enjoying mounting gains, with their young upleg continuing to power higher on balance. Their recently-reported Q1 results revealed strong fundamentals, fully justifying better stock prices. The gold stocks have achieved major upside breakouts technically, and will soon trigger a major buy signal. Yet sentiment remains apathetic if not skeptical, so the lion’s share of capital inflows are still coming.

Silver Miners’ Q1’21 Fundamentals – Adam Hamilton (05/31/2021)

The silver miners’ stocks have mostly been consolidating high since last summer. While they’ve enjoyed some sharp rallies, those have been within that sideways-grind trend. That lack of overall upside progress has left this tiny contrarian sector out of favor, with apathy reigning. But as their recently-reported Q1’21 operating and financial results revealed, silver stocks’ fundamentals and upside potential remain good.

Gold Investment Stabilizing – Adam Hamilton (05/03/2021)

Gold investment capital flows are a primary driver of gold-price trends, fueling both major uplegs and corrections. Massive outflows from dominant gold exchange-traded funds really intensified gold’s recent extended correction into early March. But gold’s young upleg since has increasingly dampened that mass exodus of American stock traders. Stabilizing gold investment precedes new buying, which is bullish for gold.

Gold-Stock Upleg Accelerates – Adam Hamilton (04/26/2021)

This young gold-stock upleg is accelerating, with fast-rising prices enticing in more capital. This sector has surged sharply to multiple major upside breakouts in recent weeks, which is starting to turn skeptics into believers. Despite their strong upside momentum being chased, gold-stock prices remain far from overbought levels warning of impending selloffs. This mounting upleg still has great room to power way higher.

Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q4’20 Fundamentals – Adam Hamilton (03/29/2021)

The mid-tier gold miners’ stocks are in this sector’s sweet spot for upside potential. After a spectacular upleg out of last March’s stock panic, they have mostly been correcting since early August. That is doing its necessary work of rebalancing sentiment, paving the way for mid-tiers’ next bull upleg. These great miners are thriving fundamentally with higher prevailing gold prices, as their latest quarterly results again prove.