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Adam Carolla scorches progressives for wanting to ‘police your ideas:’ ‘Insidious’

American radio personality and comedian Adam Carolla raked modern progressives over the coals by saying they go so far beyond policing language, they police ideas. Carolla made a powerful observation on how American culture has changed during a June 20 interview on the podcast "The Truth with Lisa Boothe." Carolla recounted how back when he "started in radio in the mid-90s," language complaints about inappropriate words would come in from "the religious right" and "there was no such thing as the progressive left complaining."
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Adam Carolla Among All-Star Lineup For California

FRANKLIN, Tenn. — Comedian, actor and podcaster Adam Carolla joins Franklin Road Apparel Showtime Motorsports team for a one-off drive at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca on April 23. Showtime Motorsports earned a TA Class win this season, when Paul Menard claimed a wire-to-wire win at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Now,...

America's focus on race is 'hurting the country': Adam Carolla

Comedian Adam Carolla said the United States' focus on race is "hurting the country" Thursday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight." "It used to be ‘bring us the best and the brightest’" said Carolla. "Now it's 'bring us the least-Whitest.'" "It's a constant obsession in 2022 of a problem that...

Chris Krok Show: Adam Carolla

Big Jim Smith fills in for Chris Krok, and he invites Adam Carolla to join the program. Carolla is one of the few outspoken conservatives in Hollywood, and we get to hear his takes on the Olympics, the freedom convoy, the Super Bowl, and much more!

‘Misogynist’ Adam Carolla, 57, criticised for asking Sean Hannity, 60: ‘If AOC was fat and in her sixties, would anyone listen?’

Radio personality Adam Carolla is facing criticism for “sexist” comments he made on television regarding Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.Carolla, 57, was speaking with Sean Hannity, 60, on Fox News, when he asked: “Here’s a quick thought experiment: if AOC was fat and in her sixties, would anyone listen to another thing she ever said?”Hannity encouraged Carolla to elaborate, telling him: “Oh boy, you’re gonna step in that one. What exactly do you mean by that? Is it because she’s young, and? What?”“She’s young, she’s vibrant, she’s beautiful, and everyone is always putting a camera and a mic in her face,” Carolla...

Adam Carolla to Hannity: ‘If AOC was fat and in her 60s, would anyone listen?’

Radio personality Adam Carolla is being slammed on social media after claiming that people only like rabble-rousing New York City Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she’s young and attractive. The 57-year-old “Adam Carolla Show” host dropped the bombshell during a recent appearance on “Hannity.”. “Here’s a quick...

Adam Carolla Tells Hannity That People Wouldn’t Care What ‘Beautiful’ AOC Thinks ‘If She Was Fat and Old’

Comedian Adam Carolla appeared on Hannity Thursday night and declared that people only care what Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) thinks because she’s “beautiful.”. During a discussion about Whoopi Goldberg’s recent controversial comments on the Holocaust, Carolla told Sean Hannity that AOC was being hypocritical when she told TMZ that people should “take the Jewish community’s lead” and forgive The View cohost. Goldberg was suspended from the show for two weeks.

Adam Carolla Obliterates ESPN for Being Totalitarian: ‘You Discipline Anyone Who Disagrees with Your Culture’

When SportsCenter anchor Sage Steele complied but complained about ESPN’s vaccine mandate, the Worldwide Leader responded by giving her some time off. Comedian and podcast host Adam Carolla defended Steele after Deadspin named her their No. 6 “idiot” of 2021. And during his appearance on Jay Cutler’s podcast this week, Carolla blasted ESPN’s response to Steele as “totalitarian.”

Adam Carolla Speaks About Bob Saget Following His Death

Bob Saget wasn't just "America's Dad," he filled that role in the stand-up comedy community too, always going above and beyond for fellow comics ... according to Adam Carolla. The comedian and radio personality joined us Monday on "TMZ Live" and talked about Bob's legacy ... the one that was going on behind the scenes at comedy clubs across the country. As Adam put it, "Comedy attracts a lot of broken toys, sometimes ... but it also attracts some really interesting, deep, loving people. And, Bob was just one of them.”