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Abraham Lincoln Invented the Chokeslam

The "chokeslam" is the move that wrestlers do where they slam their opponent to the ground after lifting them up by the neck. The rumor is that it was invented by our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Could this possibly be true? In this episode, we investigate the origin of the move, it's modern versions and find out the truth. Then we chat with Spoken-Word Artist, (NavThePoet) Nav Singh!
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#1. Abraham Lincoln

- 16th president (March 4, 1861-April 15, 1865) - Political party: Republican - Overall C-SPAN score: 897 --- Political persuasion score: 91.5 (#2) --- Crisis leadership score: 96.4 (#1) ...

Now Presenting: Abraham Lincoln

LECOMPTON, Kansas – “They’re politicians, you can’t get them to do anything quickly,” someone joked while herding 20 or so Abraham and Mary Lincoln presenters up the stairs at the Territorial Capital Museum. The historic impersonators gathered in the small town of Lecompton as part...

Government inaction creates firestorm for city named after Abraham Lincoln

Sometimes, doing absolutely nothing can create a firestorm. That’s what the Lincoln City Council did earlier this month when it blatantly ignored funding requests from the Lincoln Diversity and Inclusion Commission. Aldermen didn’t merely reject what the diversity panel sought, they all but pretended the requests were never made. Talk about government inaction.

Abraham Lincoln reenactor files to run for Ormond Beach City Commission Zone 2

A new candidate for Ormond Beach City Commission Zone 2 has emerged, and this one bears a resemblance to one of the nation's forefathers. Lew Welge has been an Abraham Lincoln reenactor for 22 years — or a score and two years, as he puts it. A Volusia County resident since 1987, Welge, a retired school guidance counselor, filed to run on April 8, becoming the second candidate hoping to be elected in the open seat come November. He is running against Travis Sargent.

Jon Meacham is featured speaker at rescheduled Abraham Lincoln Birthday Banquet on June 21

Jon Meacham, author of historical biographies and widely known television commentator, will be the featured speaker at the rescheduled Abraham Lincoln Association (ALA) Birthday Banquet on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 in Springfield. Four renowned Lincoln authors and historians will highlight the Benjamin P. Thomas Symposium earlier in the day, which will feature discussions on Lincoln’s most controversial speech, Lincoln and Salmon P. Chase, the crooked path to abolition, and Lincoln in private.

MoCo History: Germantown’s Link to the Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln

The Lincoln Assassination Connection, by Susan Soderberg. Many of you who have seen the recent movie The Conspirator will know that George Andrew Atzerodt (alias Andrew Atwood), was one of the Lincoln assassination conspirators executed on July 7, 1865. Atzerodt was arrested in Germantown, the town where he had spent many years as a boy. How he got involved with the Booth gang and why he ended up back in Germantown is a compelling story.

Abraham Lincoln impersonator pleads guilty to child porn, using a prostitute

Nationally known Abraham Lincoln impersonator George Buss of Freeport, Illinois who portrayed Honest Abe for more than 3 decades at events in the Sauk Valley and nationwide, pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography video and patronizing a prostitute. Buss, 64, who was charged Aug. 28, 2020, faces 3 to...
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Opinion: Abraham Lincoln is a blessing to all Americans

Anyone who has a chance to visit Washington, D.C., will reverently pause at the feet of Lincoln’s statue in his memorial and in this remarkable place say a silent prayer, thanking God for the talents of the best whoever led the United States. His Gettysburg Address is cut deeply...

Abraham Lincoln defended 2 Peoria-area Underground Railroad coordinators in slavery case

The April 1847 Eighth Circuit Court was in session in Tremont, and two men charged with harboring fugitive slaves were on trial. The tall, gangly young lawyer defending them — considered a rising star in the legal profession — had asked for, and been granted, a change of venue from Woodford County to Tazewell County, where he believed his clients would receive a more sympathetic hearing. ...

When Delaware Welcomed: Abraham Lincoln

Did you know that President Abraham Lincoln was in Delaware during his lifetime?. Local historians are already aware that Lincoln’s funeral train came through Delaware County on the morning of April 29, 1865, passing through Ashley, Delaware, and Lewis Center. It was noted at the time by news correspondents...