Abigail Johnson

#68. Abigail Johnson

- Net worth: $20.9 billion - Source of wealth: Fidelity - Age: 60 - Country/territory: United States Abigail Johnson became chief executive officer of Fidelity Investments in 2014, making her the third generation of her family to run the mutual fund company. She has been chairman since 2016. The Boston-based company was founded by her grandfather, Edward Johnson II, in 1946.
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Bemidji Pioneer

Bemidji High School's Abigail Johnson receives NMRC scholarship

BEMIDJI – Bemidji High School RoboJacks member Abigail Johnson was recently named the inaugural general scholarship recipient for the Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference Scholarship Program. With plans to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering and business management, Johnson will receive a $500 general scholarship, which is available to any...
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Delmarva Review: An Experience of Grief by Abigail Johnson

Author’s Note: “An Experience of Grief” is an effort to put down into words the wordless horror that is grief. The concept and the structure of the poem are inspired by a grounding technique that is popular as a coping mechanism for various mental health issues. This technique aims to ground one in space and time by using the senses to observe and reconnect to the physical world. By interrogating the feeling of grief in this manner and attaching physical sensations to it, it is my hope that the inexpressible has become slightly more expressible.
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Middle School Entrepreneur Fair won by Abigail Johnson, Halle Puffenberger

The Young Entrepreneurs Club members at Port Clinton Middle School competed in its annual Shark Tank competition recently, battling it out by pitching their ideas for why their business idea was the best for Port Clinton. After a lengthy deliberation from the five Shark Tank judges, there were a few businesses that rose to the top.

From Abigail Johnson To Laura Cha, Here Are This Year’s Most Powerful Women In Finance

Amid the economic turbulence brought on by the pandemic’s second year, the 14 financial leaders on Forbes’ 2021 Most Powerful Women list overcame unprecedented challenges while continuing to strengthen some of the world’s largest banking and financial institutions. They have embraced their positions of influence to bring about change with impact on economies across the world.

Most Powerful Women 2021: Abigail Johnson

The CEO of Fidelity Investments has been modernizing her family’s financial firm, reaching younger clients and going all in on crypto. Oh yeah, I think, yeah. Abigail johnson is number eight on the list this year. She is the ceo of Fidelity Investments. And it's been really interesting to watch that company sort of break out of its sort of conservative reputation. You know, they were very early um Cryptocurrency and that's something there continue to be very involved with and been very smart and strategic about reaching out to the next generation of investors. They recently started a set of accounts for teenagers. They're answering investing questions on Reddit and you know, that's something that Abigail johnson has overseen during continue their Mhm. Mhm. All right.