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Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson to Face Off in Golf Event

Former Cal standout Aaron Rodgers, whose standoff with the Green Bay Packers is producing news almost daily, was newsworthy for a different reason on Wednesday, when it was announced that he will be part of a televised golf event that will also include quarterback rival Tom Brady as well as PGA Championship winner Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau.
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Why we need to trade for Aaron Rogers

When I write this, don't get me wrong, I would love for Drew Lock to suddenly turn into an elite QB and become the face of the franchise and lead the Broncos to multiple SB titles. And while that may not be impossible, it is is also unlikely. I think we can all agree Aaron Rogers is one of the better QB's to play the game and will surely go into the HOF after his career is over. To be able to draft those types of QBs is rare, and teams can go decades without drafting one or even their life of the franchise. Case in point, look at the Denver Broncos. We have never drafted a HOF QB, yes I know Elway we traded for, but that was after the draft and Elway threatened to go play for the Yankees versus the Colts. Remember we passed on Jim Kelly and Dan Marino in that draft to take Chris Hinton with the idea of Steve DeBerg or Mark Herman being the QB the following year. It wasn't until the NFL nixed the Raiders offer that the Broncos were able to slide in and grab Elway. When arguably the best QB that the franchise ever drafted is Jay Cutler, then that speaks volumes of how hard it is to draft that franchise QB. Lets look at the New England Patriots. Everyone says look, Tom Brady lasted till the 6th round and Pats were able to develop him into the GOAT. Yes that was a miracle of circumstance and the player getting an opportunity, but had Drew Bledsoe not been injured the season Brady got his shot, it's likely we never would of heard of Tom Brady as anyone other than a great backup QB.
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Why Aaron Rogers Wanted out of Green Bay Yesterday

Aaron RogersScreenshot from Tom Grossi YouTube video. Aaron Rogers wants a new contract from the Green Bay Packers but team management was looking to replace him sooner rather than later when they drafted his replacement in the 2020 draft. Rogers is in the prime of his career and playing very well. This is the source of the contention between management and the player.
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Double Jeopardy: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers talks future plans and Double Jeopardy answer calls back Packers’ NFC Championship loss while Aaron Rogers hosts

Double Jeopardy answer calls back Packers’ NFC Championship loss while Aaron Rogers hosts and Double Jeopardy: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers talks future plans. Chad's veteran leader Deby targets sixth term in presidential vote. COVID-19 roundup: mRNA vaccines and antibodies, rashes, immunotherapy. Susan Roux Obituary (2021). The Craneware (LON:CRW) Share Price...

Golden Globe Awards: After Anya Taylor-Joy, What Do Aaron Rogers, Jane Fonda Being & a Hawaiian Shirt Have in Common?

What do a Hawaiian shirt, Aaron Rodgers and Jane Fonda being an absolute queen have in common- they are all a part of the highlights from last night’s Golden Globe Awards. In some aspects, the 78th Golden Globes looked very different than last year’s. Due to the ongoing pandemic, The Beverly Hilton Hotel Ballroom where co-host Amy Poehler presented (co-host Tina Fey was in New York, coming from the Rainbow Room) was attended by masked essential workers and most award winners received the accolade from their homes. However, despite the BLM movement, the awards ceremony was just as “white” as years gone by.

Shailene Woodley is daiting American football player Aaron Rogers

29-year-old actress, Shailene Woodley had an affair with 37-year-old professional American football player Aaron Rogers. According to an insider, the couple kept their relationship secret and did not advertise it. The couple’s romance is tested by distance: while the actress is now filming in Canada, the athlete lives in the...
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‘Jeopardy!’ Announces More Guest Hosts Including Aaron Rogers and Mayim Bialik

Longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek died last November, and the series aired his final recorded episodes in early 2021. Still, the show has yet to name an official, permanent replacement for Trebek, who hosted Jeopardy! since the syndicated version first premiered in 1984. In the short term, Jeopardy! consulting producer and Greatest of All Time champion Ken Jennings has been filling in.
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Aaron Rogers is VCPUSD new Asst. Superintendent of HR

Aaron Rogers is a longtime resident of the Inland Empire, having spent most of his life in Fontana, California. He is a graduate of Fontana High School, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from California State University, San Bernardino, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from California State University Dominguez Hills, and a Juris Doctorate Degree from Southwestern University School of Law.