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Overwatch fans are mourning Symmetra as Blizzard nerfs her into the ground

The second Overwatch 2 beta launched last night, feeling a lot more fleshed out than the one we got back in May. New character models to peep, a new hero to tinker around with and numerous changes to existing heroes. Some changes are pretty decent, like Pharah's concussive blasts. Others, not so much.
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Overwatch 2 Beta Sign-Up And Update: Here's How To Join

"Overwatch 2" is getting closer to its eventual release date, and players can now sign up for the game's beta if they want to help find bugs and sample the game before its full release. The long-awaited sequel to 2016's "Overwatch" will feature two new characters, a new game mode, and several new maps to explore.
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‘Overwatch 2’ defends the “support a streamer” promotion as some creators raise concerns

Overwatch 2’s community manager Andy Belford has taken to the official forums to defend the game’s “support a streamer” promotion after backlash from the community. To promote the launch of the second Overwatch 2 beta, Blizzard has partnered with 150 streamers to give away an exclusive Brigitte skin. Players will need to donate three subscriptions to any of the Twitch channels on the list, while they’re actively streaming Overwatch. According to the announcement, Twitch will then provide a code, which can be redeemed for the skin on

How to fix the Overwatch 2 beta login error on PS5

An Overwatch 2 beta login error on PS5 is stopping many players from jumping into Blizzard’s newest game. However, there is hope if you're still stuck on the login page. Many PS5 players haven’t been able to get into Overwatch 2 beta yet, thanks to the error. This is prolonging Sony players from jumping into their first taste of Overwatch 2, which stings as it's been over two years since console players have gotten anything new from the franchise.

Overwatch Players Unhappy With Mercy Changes in June 28 Beta

Blizzard launched Overwatch 2 beta for the second time with the June 28 patch, where a dozen heroes experienced adjustments. Some heroes received buffs, and others had their abilities nerfed. Mercy is one of the heroes that experienced a nerf, causing her to longer have control of her 'super jump,'...

Overwatch 2 Second Beta: Here's What You Have to Know

Role Queue and Open Queue are available in Quick Play. Hybrid and Escort maps will have modified competitive rules where you play assault and defense. Samito, a popular streamer, praised the devs for crafting a well-designed, non-oppressive hero with wicked gameplay. Xbox, PlayStation Players may Play the Second Overwatch 2...