Smoke Wagon Bourbon Taste Test: Jay Cutler, Brandon Try 3 Bottles of the Las Vegas Whiskey

Outsider’s Jay Cutler and Brandon Chesbro enjoyed drinking and rating Four Roses Bourbon last Monday so much so that they decided to do it again, this time with three bottles of Smoke Wagon Bourbon. The mission, like last time, was simple: to find out once and for all if the tiers of bourbon offered by one single company really taste all that different.

Wisconsin Couple Kills Bear After It Attacked Them Inside Their Home as Their Kids Slept

A Wisconsin couple survived a terrifying black bear attack in their own home over the weekend after the animal came in through a window. The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said that the couple witnessed the bear eating from a bird feeder around 11 p.m. and tried to scare it off by opening a window and yelling at the animal. The yelling provoked the bear, though, which angrily charged the window, breaking it before climbing into the home.

‘American Idol’ Finalists HunterGirl and Noah Thompson Appear on ‘GMA’ After Season 20 Finale

Following the season 20 finale of “American Idol,” finalists HunterGirl and Noah Thompson make a special appearance on “Good Morning America.”. During his morning show appearance, Noah Thompson revealed his initial reaction to being named winner of the latest “American Idol” season. “I was just kind of just shocked, you know? Truthfully, I came into this competition not even thinking I would get a golden ticket, so to hear my name at the end, that was amazing.”

‘Bonanza’ Star Michael Landon Played Two Different Outlaws in ‘Trackdown’

A few years before the iconic classic television western series Bonanza hit the airwaves, another western series was taking the genre by storm. This series, called Trackdown follows Robert Culp’s Hoby Gilman as a Texas Ranger tracking down criminals in the old west. From killers to bank robbers or horse thieves, Ranger Gilman and his Trackdown team hunted them all. Including two criminals portrayed by the same man – the soon-to-be Bonanza star, Michael Landon.