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POLL: Do You Think There Will Be Protests In Portland On Election Night?

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Just a week out from Election Day and it's business as usual in the Pearl District. But, flashback to election night 2016 and it was a different story. People protested throughout Portland caused property damage to businesses after President Donald Trump won the election four years ago. Now, businesses are preparing just in case we see a similar scenario next week.
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POLL: Have You Used Zoom+Care?

Zoom+Care, which started as a single neighborhood clinic in the Portland area 13 years ago, is now poised to open clinics in Idaho and Colorado. The “on demand” clinic chain has opened more than 20 clinics in Oregon and Washington over the past year. Now Zoom+ has two clinics in the works in Boise, three in Denver and one in Boulder, Colorado.

POLL: Do You Expect To See The Number Of Covid Infections In Oregon To Decline In The Near Future?

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon’s death toll from COVID-19 remained unchanged Sunday, with state health officials only reporting 337 new confirmed/presumptive cases of the virus. To date, 599 Oregonians have perished from the coronavirus and a total of 37,255 have contracted it, according to the Oregon Health Authority. Sunday’s data...

POLL: Do You Think A Politician Working On A Campaign During Official Government Business Is A Problem?

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was caught on camera working on his re-election campaign during a City Council meeting Tuesday morning. The microphone on Wheeler’s computer was left on during a Portland City Council meeting. Following a presentation on ways the city can combat white supremacy, a speaker began to set up a discussion. Shortly after she began speaking, Wheeler was caught dictating a voice-to-text message regarding his re-election campaign.

POLL: Do You Agree With The Protests In Portland?

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) spent $7,517,276 responding to the first two months of Portland's racial justice protests. While not a complete picture of the city's costs for the past four months of demonstrations, records obtained by the Mercury of PPB protest-related expenses between June 1 and August 1 offer a snapshot of how PPB has used public dollars to respond to recent demonstrations.

POLL: Do You Support The Protests In Portland?

PORTLAND, Ore. — Terrance Moses was watching protesters against police brutality march down his quiet residential street one recent evening when some in the group of a few hundred suddenly stopped and started yelling. Mr. Moses was initially not sure what the protesters were upset about, but as he got...

POLL: Do You Think The Timbers Will Struggle To Adjust To The Earthquakes'S Stadium?

BEAVERTON, Ore. – Shortly before noon on Friday, the Portland Timbers set foot on their Beaverton, Oregon, training field. During most weeks, that fact would be too mundane to note, but one day before a trip to San Jose, California, to face the Earthquakes, the Timbers were training outdoors for the first time in nine days. The air quality in the wildfire-stricken Northwest was finally good enough for some light, limited work.

POLL: Are You Concerned About The Air In Portland?

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The hazardous air quality in and around Portland isn’t going away, as an air quality alert has now been extended through at least Thursday. Doctors in the area say the air quality is a serious issue with negative impacts that should be taken seriously by everyone in the region, regardless of health status.

POLL: Do You Think Protesters Who Set Out To Incite Division And Hate, Such As Those From The Far-Right, Should Face Enhanced Penalties For Rioting And Violence?

Attorneys dispute allegations, and contrast the charge with policy that dropped charges against racial justice protesters. Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson and affiliate Russell Schultz are accusing Multnomah County’s district attorney of “selectively” prosecuting them for riot, stemming from a May 2019 brawl in Portland. A 28-page complaint filed Friday...