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Oregon On Precipice Of Another COVID Wave, Modeling Suggests

COVID-19′s spread in Oregon is on the verge of another deadly wave, with new modeling suggesting the state could see nearly 1,200 new cases and almost 100 new hospitalizations every day by mid-August. Even with more than half the state’s population considered immune via either vaccine or having contracted the...
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Oregon To Provide Hazard Payments to Frontline State Workers

The State of Oregon has agreed to pay one-time “Covid Hazard Payments”, up to $1550, to state employees who were required to work in person for at least 480 hours between March 8, 2020 and June 30, 2021. The Oregonian reports that the agreement for the state to make hazard...
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Oregon will require masks in school, Rainier 'disappointed' but compliant

RAINIER — Oregon students and staff are now also required to wear masks in school after Gov. Kate Brown issued an order changing what had previously been a recommendation. The rule will “require face coverings in all indoor school settings, both public and private, for all individuals two years and older, including all students, staff, contractors, volunteers and visitors,” the Oregon Department of Education said in a press release.
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OR Schools to Instate Mask Mandate, Combat Delta Variant

On Thursday Governor Kate Brown directed the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Education to require face masks in schools this coming year. As the COVID-19 Delta variant has begun spreading more rapidly, the Center for Disease Control has recommended continued or redoubled caution in public spaces and social gatherings. Brown said that as long as this more contagious variant is spreading, and especially while many children are still ineligible to be vaccinated, masks will be important to ensure the safety of everyone.
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New Bill Gives Oregon $220 Million To Fight Wildfires

On July 30, Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill aimed at increasing Oregon’s wildfire preparedness. The state is currently facing drought and double the number of wildfires from last year’s season. There are sixteen fires still burning in Oregon and Washington, including the Bootleg Fire, the. largest wildfire in the...
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Move to cap road fund spending defeated

Commissioner Court Boice is trying to set a cap on spending the county’s road fund reserves. The historically wealthy road fund reserve currently has a balance of about $29 million. Oregon state law allows some counties, including Curry, to use road fund reserves to cover budget shortfalls in other departments, such as the sheriff’s office. At a Wednesday board of commissioner’s meeting, Boice suggested disallowing non-departmental spending of the road fund, should the reserves drop below $20 million.
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Oregon mandates masks in schools, state buildings

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) announced Friday that masks are now required in schools and state agency buildings effective immediately, The Associated Press reports. All state employees and visitors are now required to wear protective facial coverings while in indoor state agency spaces. The new mandate comes less than a...
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Parts of the Oregon Coast That Broke

(Oregon Coast) – Change is one serious constant along these shores, though most of it happens at what makes a snail's pace seem even frenetic. Continental plates beneath us move at the rate of a fingernail's growth, which meant the Oregon coast took tens of millions of years to get from about where Silverton is now to its current location. Above all that slow, natural machinery, seas batter and smack the rock structures we know, slowly eroding even the toughest of them.
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Readers respond: Give all essential workers hazard pay

I can’t believe Gov. Kate Brown is giving a hazard pay reward only to government workers (“State of Oregon employees required to work in-person during pandemic will get hazard pay of up to $1,550,” July 28). There were so many of us out there, doing our jobs, throughout this past year, and are still doing it today. I work for a plumbing and drain company and, because we service clinics, hospitals and elder care centers, we are considered essential workers. We were risking our health to do our jobs, but we did it because it was important. I know there are many other businesses that also worked through the pandemic because they had to. I think it would be only fair to give this “hazard pay” to everybody who worked during this time. What do you say, Gov. Brown?