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Bob Stoops Reacts To Oklahoma’s Move To The SEC

The Oklahoma Sooners have officially submitted their formal requests for SEC membership. This move has been in the works for several months now, but it wasn’t until last week that reports started to leak. Since this move to the SEC seems destined to happen, former Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops...
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Bob Stoops: OU's Move to the SEC is 'Best for Oklahoma'

Former Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops, winner of the program’s last national championship and owner of the school record for most coaching victories, wants to “set the record straight” about the Sooners’ move to the SEC. Stoops penned an op-ed piece Tuesday for The Oklahoman, in which he disagreed with...
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Martin talks SEC expansion, Oklahoma and Texas

South Carolina Gamecocks men’s basketball coach Frank Martin is a self-described football guy. Adding Oklahoma and Texas from the Big 12, in his mind, would be a big win for the SEC, regardless of sport. When it comes to football, Martin has a plan for scheduling a 16-team league, in case anyone at the SEC Office in Birmingham is interested in his take.
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Bob Stoops writes op-ed praising Oklahoma's move to the SEC

We haven't heard much from Bob Stoops in the four years -- wow, it's really been that long -- since he walked away from Oklahoma. He's still present around the program, especially since he's now a Sooner football dad. But he generally keeps his mouth shut for issues regarding his former program, like the time his successor fired his brother in 2018.
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Fox Sports’ Bob Stoops writes op-ed saying it’s a “good and necessary move” for Oklahoma to leave the Big 12 for the SEC

One of the bigger media storylines around the attempted move to the SEC by Oklahoma and Texas (they formally petitioned to join that conference Tuesday) has been how ESPN could gain from having two programs that draw very well on TV in a conference they have 100 percent rights to rather than a conference where they split those rights with Fox. The OU move to the SEC has now been endorsed by an unlikely figure; former Oklahoma coach and current Fox Sports analyst Bob Stoops. Here’s the key part of an op-ed Stoops wrote for The Oklahoman:
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How Texas' and Oklahoma's potential moves to SEC impacts college football recruiting everywhere

Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 for the SEC could have a massive ripple effect on the college football recruiting landscape beyond the two schools themselves. The SEC teams trying to recruit the state of Texas, the Longhorn State recruits themselves and even schools nationally will feel some change because of this decision. Whether it's a positive or a negative, these ramifications could lead to other changes to prevent any future damages on the recruiting trail for opposing teams and conferences.
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SEC could see massive revenue increase with Texas, Oklahoma

The SEC is about to expand with the additions of Texas and Oklahoma. With those two new institutions will come a massive financial boost for the already wealthy conference. The SEC already generates a mammoth amount of revenue each year, but that will only grow exponentially once the Longhorns and Sooners are in the league. USA Today reviewed the numbers and believes that the SEC could exceed one billion dollars in revenue in the first fiscal year with Texas and Oklahoma in the conference.