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Some shoppers hesitant to use self-checkouts

woman at self-checkoutPhoto by Ben Schumin (Creative Commons) Have you noticed that when you go shopping there are often more self-checkouts at stores and fewer cashiers there to ring up purchases for you? Self-checkout can be faster and more convenient at times. The key factor for employers is that self-checkout reduces labor costs. When you have a lot of stores, the savings starts to add up. There are over 170 Walmarts in Ohio alone. And Walmart is expected to be going fully to self-checkout. (source) Walmart can decide staff each store with multiple cashiers or you can have one area of self-checkouts.
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McDonald's has brought back a beloved menu item

mcdonalds storePhoto by Visual Karsa (Unsplash) It's always a bummer when a beloved fast food restaurant does away with your favorite menu item. McDonalds has always had a lot of different menu items available, so it's no surprise that many items are phased out over time. But here's some good news: the amazing bagel sandwiches are back at McDonalds on a limited basis.
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4 Places To Get Great Hot Dogs in Ohio

If you're in the Buckeye State and craving a hot dog, you should check out these local businesses. This local favorite in Parma, Ohio serves delicious all-beef jumbo hot dogs and was voted Greater Cleveland's best hot dog by readers. You can get your hot dog topped with chili, sauerkraut, or coleslaw. You can also order the hillbilly jumbo dog, which is a hot dog topped with chili and coleslaw.
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Online farmers market offers delivery to WV, OH, PA

PITTSBURGH (WTRF) – People in the tri-state area now have a new resource for fresh produce and food, Market Wagon. is an online farmers market which delivers food to every home in a 15-county region of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. The service allows customers to browse locally grown products on their computer or […]

Twisted Tea Just Dropped A New Adult Cocktail

There's nothing like a good cocktail to crank up a party, dinner, or really any social event. But as any cocktail connoisseur can tell you, alcohol is quite the acquired taste, and some simply can't get past the piercing harshness of it. Nowadays, though, there are plenty of spiked beverages on the market that almost completely mask the flavor of alcohol, or at least accentuate the best features of its flavor. From the ever-so-saturated selection of hard seltzers to flavored tequila cocktails in a can, there is truly something for everyone (everyone of legal age, of course).

Ohio’s Own: Buff Lo Dip

Let’s consider convenience dips. There’s salsa, guacamole, queso, hummus and french onion. And ranch. That about covers the basics, right?. But some days, you want something that’s beyond basic, but still convenient. And for those days, an operation based in Wellston, Ohio brings us Buff Lo Dip. Per the label, it’s for “chips, veggies, chicken, pizza, rice” – and also spooning straight.

4 Places To Get Great Chinese Food in Ohio

If you're in Ohio and craving some authentic and delicious Chinese food, you should check out these restaurants in the Buckeye State. Located within Cleveland's AsiaTown neighborhood, Li Wah offers delectable Cantonese cuisine. Their dim sum is some of the best in the city. Check out the crystal shrimp dumplings, deep fried taro balls, chicken feet, shumai, sesame balls, and egg custard tarts. Their dinner fare includes delicious dishes like walnut shrimp, lobster, and roast duck.
Fast Casual

Big Chicken opening 1st franchise in Ohio

Big Chicken, a fast casual concept founded by Shaquille O'Neal in 2018, is opening its first franchise location this week at Austin Landing, a mixed-use retail, restaurant and entertainment destination in Dayton, Ohio. "From the beginning, a major goal for Shaquille and the leadership team has been to give as...

Poll: How do you like Vernors’ new black cherry flavor?

This summer’s highly anticipated new Vernors flavor has finally hit the shelves throughout Michigan and part of Ohio. Vernors’ Black Cherry Ginger Soda launched exclusively in Michigan and near Toledo last week, and many are getting their first taste of the limited-time flavor. It is reportedly the ginger ale’s first flavor variation in decades.

Boston Beer debuts Sweet Tea Whiskey through partnership with Beam Suntory

Boston Beer’s Twisted Tea is entering the whiskey space with the introduction of Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey through its partnership with Beam Suntory. The beverage will launch in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, Missouri and Texas, along with military outlets. It can be consumed on its own or added to a cocktail.