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From Suburban Sprawl to Rural Respite: Exploring Northern Virginia by Bike

Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C.Photographs in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division. For a weekend getaway to enjoy the rolling hills and foliated streets of Virginia, head to the 45-mile long Washington and Old Dominion Rail Trail – the W&OD. This well paved path winds through the suburbs of Washington D.C. to Northern Virginia’s wine country and is accessible to cyclists of all abilities.
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A New England Hideaway in Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport, ME.Photo by Chris Jones on Sometimes just getting out of the city isn’t enough—you have to leave it completely behind, and find a place that makes you forget where you came from. This is the ultimate goal of Hidden Pond Resort, in Kennebunkport, Maine. The peacefulness and luxury here was cultivated by an over-achiever—it’s intensely lovely. Though the journey may seem like a hike, the relaxation that awaits you will nullify any travel anxiety on contact. Situated just 40 minutes south of Portland, the small, sophisticated seaside town of Kennebunkport is a world away from city living, and offers an ideal mix of beach and trail life, good food, good times and Hidden Pond.
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Things to Do in Rockland, Maine: Small Nautical Town With a Big Taste

Rockland, Maine is a once blue-collar town that has welcomed an influx of artists, intellectuals and foodies without shying away from its essential grittiness. It has plenty of the dramatic nautical scenery that coastal Maine is prized for, so expect lighthouses, rugged peninsulas and panoramic harbors dotted with windjammers. Talk to the locals and they will tell you that Rockland was previously best known for its powerful odor, courtesy of its thriving sardine canning industry.
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The Best Things to Do in Freeport, Maine

The Old Tower, South Freeport, MainePhoto from the Boston Public Library, Freeport sits on the shores of scenic Casco Bay, just minutes from hipster-heavy Portland. If you’ve heard of it, chances are it’s because this tidy town has been home to the venerable megastore L.L. Bean for over a century. Thanks to a cluster of unobtrusive outlets, retail-rich Freeport has blossomed into a shopaholic’s dream, attracting over three million annual visitors to this sparsely populated state. But you don’t need deep pockets or even the slightest interest in shopping to enjoy a weekend here. Active adventures and a luscious culinary scene make it ripe for explorations.
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The Best Restaurants in Portland, Maine

Harbor Fish Market in Portland, MainePhoto by Karson on Portland, Maine is quickly becoming the perfect weekend getaway for food lovers. After 8-hours on the bus or train, you’ll need fresh seafood and savory donuts to refuel. This fall, head up the coast for a few days of new dishes as you enjoy ocean views and Northeastern accents. And if you only have one day in Portland, we’ve condensed our recommendations to this 24-hour guide to food in Portland.
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Getaway to Higgins Beach, Maine: Surfer’s Paradise In New England

Maine's rocky Atlantic coast, near Higgins BeachPhoto from Carol M. Highsmith's America Project in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Higgins Beach is just a few miles from Portland, but the surfer vibe is straight out of a Beach Boys song. Welcome to a laid-back coastal community loaded with yesteryear charm. Kids ride their bikes around town, surfers catch waves until night falls and the tides are a constant source of conversation. It’s an easy-breezy, ocean-studded getaway and an idyllic spot for the last summer hurrah or an autumn weekend by the Atlantic. This pocket-sized town is perfect for carefree, car-free travels.
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A Rail Retreat: Things to Do in Old Saybrook, CT

Lynde Point lighthouse in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.Wittemann Collection from Old Saybrook, one of the oldest towns on the Connecticut coast, has lured visitors over the years with its proximity to public beaches and conveniently located boat and yacht marinas, positioned where the Connecticut River meets the Long Island Sound. Not surprisingly, summer is the town’s busiest season. But warm weather pleasures aside, there’s plenty to do here year-round as I discovered during a recent visit.
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Cheap Getaway Idea: Visiting South Norwalk, Connecticut

Norwalk, Connecticut.The George F. Landegger Collection of Connecticut Photographs in the Carol M. Highsmith's America, L. An afternoon in South Norwalk used to be a busy affair. I'm sure it will be the same soon. Bordered by the Norwalk River and Norwalk Harbor, SoNo, as the locals fondly call it, is a dreamy destination for mariners and wayfarers alike.
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The Best Things to Do in New Haven, A Half-Priced Slice of Paradise

New Haven is totally adorkable: a high instance of insanely devoted eateries, so many institutions of art, religion and history, and disarmingly friendly locals. There’s a surprisingly small town vibe here that we really like. Plus, we heard you can get smarter just breathing the same air as those bright young things at Yale, so there’s that, too.
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Frugal Finds: A Day Getaway to Greenwich Connecticut

Greenwich, CT.Photo by Deirdre Corcoran Foote on For an easy escape from NYC at a minimal cost and travel time, prepare to enter the land of polo ponies and patisseries found just over the state line in Greenwich, Connecticut. This chic, cultured enclave is named after the eponymous borough in London, England.
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You Should Do This New Haven Architectural Walking Tour

It’s no surprise that America’s first planned city is home to number of architectural masterpieces. From neo-Gothic Harkness Tower to modernist Beineke Library, New Haven plays host to an eclectic assortment of architectural styles, as well as a formidable collection of public art. The result is a happy marriage of classic and contemporary, giving an unexpected but well-deserved vibrancy to this historic Northeastern town, best appreciated by embarking on a completely-gratis walking tour.
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The Best Things to Do in Mystic, Connecticut

It’s all about the water in Mystic, a historic village situated where the Mystic River spills into the Long Island Sound. Mystic is home to both a leading maritime museum and one of New England’s premier aquariums. Boat rides are a favorite visitor activity, and restaurant menus abound with fish and seafood—although thanks to the same-named 1988 Julia Roberts movie, Mystic Pizza is also still a top culinary draw. Whether you like to stroll and shop along a quaint Main Street, wander side streets looking at grand old homes, sop up some seafaring history or just enjoy water views galore, it’s easy to fill a few days in Mystic.