Grassy plains and fields of wildflowers call to me. I miss the jagged rows of corn and the sweet lullaby that combines sing in the summer. The whistle of the wind through the trees and land for miles and miles does something for me that nothing else can. Deer frolicking...
Picture for Home


I recently read a book titled “Getting Grit” by Caroline Adams Miller. The main focus of the book is about how having perseverance and the patience to pursue long-term goals is one of the main ways to reach a feeling of success and overall satisfaction. This book was interesting to me personally because the author talks about her struggles with bulimia as a young adult and how she was so focused on achieving this ideal of thinness she had in her head, that everything else in her life fell on the back burner.
Picture for Grit.

13 Ways Barbie Movies Shaped My Childhood

Barbie movies were a huge part of my childhood. I mean huge. If you are like me, I welcome you to take a healthy dose of nostalgia as I explain how Barbie movies shaped my childhood. The movies... 1. Influenced my fashion sense. I specifically remember begging my grandma to...

A Home for Judy

In the middle of a cold Kentucky winter while most were trying to stay warm, Judy Cardwell stole a bag of ice from a Kroger in Bowling Green. Police officers apprehended Judy and charged her with petty theft, but she never served any time. Judy, 55, was diagnosed with diabetes...

Books Provide a Healthy Escape From Reality

Reading books lets you step outside of reality and see life through another person's eyes. By reading chapters of a book, you can experience what it's like to be a doctor, a cross-country skier, a through hiker, or a princess. Learn more about your home country or explore distant shores.

Your Guide to Dryness-Preventing Nutrition

You might be surprised to learn that nearly half of women over the age of 50 struggle with uncomfortable symptoms due to vaginal dryness. This is an extremely common issue for those entering menopause, but it can also affect those of a younger age as well. Common issues like UTI’s, yeast infections and medications can cause vaginal dryness but one of the big culprits for both cause and prevention is diet. Supplementing your diet with nutrients and vitamins to encourage your body to produce the hormones it needs are one of the many home remedies for dryness. There are many factors that can cause dryness and the uncomfortable symptoms that come along with it, and diet is one of the big culprits on the list. Keep reading to learn about adopting nutrition habits that both alleviate and prevent dryness!

5 Benefits of Yoga with Mantras for Kids Parents Should Not Ignore

Many people see yoga only as a physical workout that enhances fitness and flexibility which could not be further from the truth. The real objective of yoga with mantra chants is to develop a seamless connection between mind and body in an attempt to achieve soothing calmness and a peaceful personality. This mindfulness enables yogis to acknowledge their surroundings without getting overwhelmed by it. This puts them in a much better position to deal with stressful matters.

Benefits of Training in the Morning

The best time for training or working out is in the morning when the atmosphere is clean and there is the least amount of noise production. When your body is fresh and is about to get involved in the tiring activities that will continue the whole day. You need to...

5 unexpected sources of global warming

Global warming is a process of climate change due to the increase in the average temperature of the earth, and it modifies the balance of the weather and ecosystem for a long time. There are different causes of global warming nowadays. Greenhouse gases are increasing day by day in our atmosphere, which is the main cause of global warming. There are also many other causes of global warming like deforestation, intensive farming, fossil fuels, mining, water disposal and overconsumption. All these factors play a vital role in changing the temperature of the earth that causing global warming. The global warming and HVAC are interrelated to each other. If you want to know about global warming, then this article must be very useful for you. The 5 unexpected sources of global warming are the following.

4 Reasons You Should Be Proud Of Being Sensitive

Emotional, generous, compassionate, sensitive to criticism, over-thinker, worrier, non-confrontational, easily overwhelmed. If these tend to characterize who you are, welcome to the HSP club. Highly-Sensitive Person. But don't freak out. Just because 'sensitive' gets a bad wrap, doesn't mean it's all that bad. In today's society, if you're sensitive, you're...

Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court ruled (7 to 2) that the “unduly restrictive state regulation of abortion is unconstitutional” (source: Britannica) On Friday, June 22, 2022, the Supreme Court overruled the court case, and gave the states the right back to regulate abortion. For me, I’m...

Abortion is Personal, Not Political

According to New York Times, in 2019 abortion had been banned in seven states, Ohio, Kentucky, Utah, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. Utah and Arkansas are limiting abortions in the middle of the second trimester. Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi and Georgia passed heartbeat bans which does not allow abortion after detecting a heartbeat from the fetus. Also, Alabama does not allow abortions even if a person was raped said CBS. Although, "Abortion is necessary in order to prevent a serious health risk to the woman." The Supreme Court just overturned Roe vs. Wade.

How I Went From Pro-Life To Pro-Choice

I was raised in a strict, Irish-Catholic family. My parents and grandparents, even though I love them, instilled many beliefs in me that I came to disagree with as I grew older, things like "homosexuality is weird and wrong." I eventually rejected many of these ideas once I began growing into myself, but there was always one belief I let ring true well into my teen years: abortion is the murder of an unborn baby.

I have Multiple Sclerosis.

I'll start out by explaining my Facebook bio because it sums up who I am. I enjoy a good glazed donut. Anyone who knows me knows one thing for sure... I love carbs. I don't even really like meat, unless it's in Taco Bell's tacos or McDonald's chicken nuggets…and I'm not entirely sure either of those are in the "meat" category. I like my fruit in daiquiris and my vegetables deep fried.

my thoughts on june 24 2022

Those of you who know me know that I like to write. I often don't have time. But tonight I'm angry. I'm disgusted. I'm fearful. Yesterday, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. What does this mean for me legally? I live in Missouri, a trigger ban state. This means...

a God story.

Many of you have someone in your life you admire the most. a parent, a superhero, a celebrity. mine just so happens to be my brother. for a little bit of background information; my brother is 8 years older than me. he and i are identical; seriously. shave my curls off and i look like a younger richie buckner. we have identical personalities, and yes even identical smart-ass comments. we grew up fighting our battles together. anyone who knows us, knows we were always together. and honestly, i can only imagine how scary that sight must have been.

God, What's Next?

We spend most of our lives waiting for something. Maybe you're waiting for a job opportunity to open up, or for a professor to email you back because you procrastinated on your assignment, or maybe you're waiting for the next chapter in your life to start. Whatever the case maybe be for you I want to let you know that your season of waiting is not in vain! It may seem like it but your season of waiting is a crucial part in your walk with Christ. You may not have a walk with Christ and I encourage you to be open to starting a relationship with him but even your time of waiting isn't in vain. Waiting is a hard thing to do but it is so worth it in the end. The Bible even tells us this in Ecclesiastes.

Best Disney Movies to watch on Disney + in 2022

Disney has covered hundred years of its flagship. Several movies are famous here. It is a platform on which people of all ages can enjoy watching movies. We all know Disney is one of the best platforms where you can watch movies and shows. We assure you that you will...

How Can Sleep Affect Men's Health?

The average number of hours of sleep required for an adult is between 7–9 for optimal health. However, a considerable number of adults do not meet this requirement. A study conducted in 2012 demonstrated that 29.2% of men achieved an average of 6 hours or less of sleep each evening. the institute of Medicine further estimates that between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from a chronic sleep disorder; this epidemic is associated with societal changes which include increased reliance on technology, increased working hours, and poor sleep hygiene.

Annointed for Greatness

Favour, from the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, is the mother of Smile Train patient Annointed. Below, she shares with us her and her family’s journey from unexpectedly having a child with a cleft to finding the free, lifesaving care her son needed from a local Smile Train partner.