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Man pulled over for illegal tint found with gun in vehicle

An Ocala man was recently arrested after having an illegal tint on his vehicle and later being found with a gun under the passenger seat. On June 11 an Ocala Police Department officer responded to 523 NE 23rd Circle in reference to a group of people carrying guns in their waistbands. While en-route, the officer heard dispatch report the group split up and one of them was leaving in a red vehicle, according to the sheriff’s report.

Video: Marion County K-9 chomps down on suspect in painful takedown

MARION COUNTY, Fla. - The Marion County Sheriff's Office said a suspect with a suspended license made a bad - and painful - decision when he decided to run away from law enforcement. Body camera video was released of the incident involving Gregory Linder, 33. Deputies say they tried to...
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If it wasn’t for service industry workers, there ‘would be no such thing as The Villages’

People want to say that the younger generation is the problem when the older, retirement population in The Villages is worse than any of the younger generation that is present. They (the retired residents) are constantly using drugs and alcohol and think they are untouchable because of their age and where they live this free lifestyle. Saying they are worried about the younger people when they are the problem in their own community. Trying to constantly put blame on the younger people who work hard and try to provide for their own families by providing all these retirees all of their luxuries. By serving them and by attending to their needs and expectations that they have living in The Villages. That is the problem! Especially when they don’t appreciate the younger generation that is enabling them to have the lifestyle that they have. If it wasn’t for the people like us who provide these services there would be no such thing as The Villages.

Detective issues warning about contractor after 98-year-old Villager scammed out of $13,400

A detective has issued a warning about a contractor who apparently scammed a 98-year-old Villager out of $13,400. A representative of Malphus & Son general contracting in Tampa contacted the Village of Country Club Hills woman through door-to-door solicitation. She ended up writing several checks to the company. Workers showed up one day and never returned.
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Housing demand far outpaces Sumter supply

Jackie Lombardo loves her job in The Villages. She loves the fact that her two boys receive a first-class education at The Villages Charter School. What she doesn’t love is the 2 ½ hours in the car every day, commuting 93 miles back and forth from her home in Citrus County. Lombardo would love to find a home in Sumter County to be closer to the school and her office at Brownwood. However, it’s just not feasible right now in this market, and the new Sumter County commissioners have yet to make affordable housing for working families a priority.

Food Truck Party coming to Ocala Downtown Market on June 25

The Ocala Downtown Market is hosting a Food Truck Party on June 25th. Some of the food trucks participating are Mexi-Rican Cuisine, Sweet Baby Cheeses, Curry Coma, LLC and Tom’s Taste of Chicago. Market vendors will be in attendance including Em’s Cryo Treats, Gabyque, Hooba Love, Marc’s Market, Opal’s Handmade...
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DUI suspect tells police he drank beer while working at Ednas’ on the Green

A drunk driving suspect arrested in The Villages said he had been drinking beer while working at Ednas’ on the Green down in the Village of Marsh Bend. Griffin Mitchell Monaghan, 21, was in a green 1996 Jeep Cherokee which was pulled over shortly before 11 p.m. Thursday in the parking lot of Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant at Spanish Springs, according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department. “Multiple open beer cans” were spotted on the passenger side floorboards of the vehicle. Monaghan also “spilled an open beer on his registration.”
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Trio arrested with gun tucked in shoebox in car with heavily tinted windows

Three men were arrested when their vehicle with heavily tinted windows was pulled over and a gun was found in a shoebox behind the driver’s seat. Jeramy Oscar Garcia, 32, of Winter Park, was driving the black and white Dodge Charger at about 5 p.m. Sunday on State Road 44 after an officer noticed the heavy tint of the vehicle’s windows, according to an arrest report from the Wildwood Police Department.
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Naked Ocala man arrested for masturbating in front of Saving Mercy

An Ocala man was recently arrested after being reported naked and masturbating in front of a homeless transition center. On June 16, an Ocala Police Department officer responded to Saving Mercy, a former motel that has been converted into a homeless transition center, in reference to a man that was running around naked and masturbating in front of people.
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1 killed, 9 injured in shooting at Father’s Day event in Wildwood

WILDWOOD, Fla. – A woman was killed and nine others were injured during a shooting Sunday evening at a Father’s Day event in Wildwood, according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. The shooting started just before 8 p.m. at what the sheriff’s office called an annual Father’s Day event at...