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Cigarette Butts Are Toxic Waste, Berkeley Experts Say

Most people today know that smoking is bad for you, and for people around you. But many people probably don’t realize how incredibly bad it is for the environment. A cigarette butt casually flicked onto the ground might not seem like much. But experts at the University of California Berkeley say these discarded butts actually leach toxic chemicals into the environment and cause all manner of other problems.

The NBA Exposed the Golden State Warriors BIG PROBLEM

After the Golden State Warriors won the 2022 NBA finals many fans believed that the team would be in a great position to win now and in the future, but the team has a problem. The warriors don't have the salary flexibility to retain Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. At least one of these players will have to leave the warriors, so the question is should they go with the young or veteran talent?

James Wiseman: The Most MISUNDERSTOOD Player in the NBA

The Warriors have a very bright future with there young core. James Wiseman headlines that but he's been a very polarizing career thus far. Personally, I believe he can be something for the Warriors one day! Twitter- <a href=""></a> Instagram- <a href=""></a>/

Raccoons Play With a Tree Swing In Adorable Video Posted by Resident

East Bay resident Mike W set up a camera to monitor his backyard, including a tree swing. In reviewing footage from the night, Mike got more than he bargained for. Local kids weren't sneaking into his yard to use the swing. Instead, he found a family of raccoons had been coming into his yard for some late-night exercise.

It’s still a beautiful game – even if the locals are struggling

There have been better years.(Photo by Caitlin Conner on Unsplash) The reality is painful – on both sides of the Bay. The trading deadline has come and gone, and what it unveiled was the true position of both the A’s and the Giants, positions that offer scant promise to the faithful. For the Giants, the 107 wins of 2021 seem from a galaxy far, far away, while for the A’s, leaving for Las Vegas seems all but inevitable.

3 Great Pizza Places in California

If you live in California or you travel to California often and you are looking for new places where you can enjoy a tasty pizza, then you have come to the right place because that's what this article is all about - three amazing pizza spots in California that you should definitely visit if you are a pizza lover. All of these places use high-quality ingredients, have amazing service, an even better atmosphere, and affordable prices for the delicious food they are serving. Do you need any more reasons to pay them a visit if you haven't already? Probably not, so here is the list of three amazing pizza spots in California that you should definitely visit if you love eating good food in a nice company.

I Asked an AI Robot to Generate 200-Year-Old Woodcuts of Mount Diablo

If you live in the East Bay, you know that no matter where you go, Mount Diablo is always just kind of there. At 3,800+ feet, the iconic East Bay mountain is massive and imposing enough that you feel its presence on a daily basis. It’s there in the background when I’m driving on 680, lounging by a friend’s pool, or picking up my son at his outdoor preschool.