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Rapid rise of COVID cases not causing Bay Area panic, yet

SAN FRANCISCO - Amid a steady drumbeat of disturbing COVID-19 data, people are figuring out their own risk tolerance. Friday night in San Francisco's Marina District, some people wore masks while on the sidewalk. But busy restaurants, where masks are strongly recommended indoors, might have no one in a facial...
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One of the Most Underrated Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco

Chinese food has been around in San Francisco for longer than almost any other place in the entire country. In fact, San Francisco is also home to one of the oldest and longest standing Chinatowns in all of America. As might be expected, there is an amazingly diverse and high quality Chinese restaurants all around the city. From dim sum to Shanghainese, there is a huge amount of different Chinese cuisines represented in San Francisco.
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Where to find One of the Best Indian Restaurants in San Francisco

The restaurant scene in San Francisco contains some of the highest quality and best restaurants in all of America. There are all types of food to be found within the city and Indian cuisine is no exception. There are Indian establishments found throughout almost every neighborhood in the Bay Area and it is not too difficult to find a decent restaurant close by. Since there are so many options, it can be difficult for any specific restaurant to rise above the crowd and beat the competition. Despite the difficulties, one restaurant has time and time again proven itself to be one of the best and most loved Indian restaurants in all of San Francisco.
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My Favorite Places for Phở Gà in the East Bay | Oakland, CA

#PhoGa #vietnamesefood #oakland #noodlesoup #eastbayeats #bayareafoodie #phoga88 These are my all time favorite places when I crave a hot delicious bowl of Phở Gà in the East Bay! In the Bay Area, I know we have many choices. Check out these places for a real taste of chicken if you are in the area. They are fast and affordable too! Wing Wah Pho Ga Restaurant 1221 E 12th Street, Oakland Pho Ga Huoang Que Cafe 1228 7th Ave, Oakland Phở Gà 88 15040 Farnsworth Street, San Leandro
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From a chaotic carnival to an endangered burger, the best of Hayes Valley Month at SFGATE

Just when you think you've explored every nook and cranny of this city, you stumble upon a narrow alleyway that leads to nowhere or an unpaved road sandwiched between two streets. That's the best part of San Francisco — it may be small, but there's always something new to see. We've been wandering the city neighborhood by neighborhood in 2021, learning the stories of each different area for a month at a time. In July, we told stories of Hayes Valley, one of the best neighborhoods for dining, shopping and the arts. But it wasn't always this way. The neighborhood has changed a lot over the years to its current iteration as a destination.
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One Restaurant to Visit to Experience Hawaii in California

California is full of various different cuisines and has a wildly rich and diverse food culture that surpasses almost every other city in America. It is not suprising that eventually, there would be a restaurant to combine Hawaiian cuisine with San Francisco energy. This restaurant is none other than Liholiho Yacht Club. Liholiho Yacht Club has a superstar chef and is run by the same team that brought the much loved Nopa to the city. The head chef, Ravi Kapur, has a very strong Hawaiian background and is well known for inventing exciting menu items that could not be found anywhere else in the city of San Francisco.

Don’t Be Chick’n and Try Something Vegan!

What was originally known as Compassion Meals in Sacramento has now rebranded and blossomed into a vegan fried chick’n food truck based at Lake Merritt in Oakland, called Don’t Be Chick’n (DBC). Owned and operated by Nkoyo Adakama, the food truck that began operations July 3 serves vegan soul food...
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Two Temporarily Closed Restaurants to Wait For in San Francisco

The past year was incredibly tough in so many different ways. Many major cities were hit with huge outbreaks during the pandemic which had contributed to the decline of many major metropolitan areas. San Francisco was no different. One industry that was extremely handicapped during the entire pandemic is the restaurant and service industries. Due to many hardships and obvious reasons, many restaurants around San Francisco were forced to close their doors. Now as the city is opening back up again there is hope for many of these well loved restaurants to once again open their doors.
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Restaurants, Bars Asking Patrons for Proof of Vaccination: What to Know

Some bars and restaurants are requiring customers to show proof of vaccination if they want to dine inside. Medical experts say this is a brave and bold move to protect customers and help with public health measures against COVID-19. They also say allowing only vaccinated people indoors at bars and restaurants will help curb the spread of the coronavirus.
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Some San Jose bar owners requiring proof of vaccination

If you want to grab a drink in San Jose, you might soon have to show you got a COVID-19 shot — just like San Francisco. Haberdasher, a speakeasy-themed bar in downtown San Jose, announced a day after the state reopened it would require proof of vaccination to enter. A banner on the bar’s website... The post Some San Jose bar owners requiring proof of vaccination appeared first on San José Spotlight.

The City of Berkeley Will Now Serve Vegan Meals at Public Events and City Buildings

City council just approved an ordinance to cut down its spending on animal-based products. Going to events and buildings with no vegan options is a struggle most plant-based peeps know all too well. Whether you’re attending a work meeting, outdoor gathering, or concert, it’s always best to come prepared with snacks. But in one Northern California city, a lack of vegan food will be a thing of the past! Thanks to a recent ordinance, the city of Berkeley will now serve vegan meals at public events and city buildings.
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Find the corn dog of your dreams at the refreshed Dogpatch Magnolia pub

Magnolia’s Dogpatch Pub has been refreshed…again. And let’s be honest, in the post-COVID lockdown era, everyone is entitled to give things a reboot. In Magnolia’s case, they had a promising thing going in early 2019 as they eagerly awaited the opening of the Chase Center a stones throw away, and the droves of pre-game crowds that would surely flock to their pub like the salmon of Capistrano.