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In pictures: Kim Jong Un's decade of total but isolated rule

Since assuming power 10 years ago, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ruled the isolated country with absolute power, significantly expanded its nuclear arsenal and become the North’s first ruler to hold a summit with a sitting U.S. president.But now, he’s hunkering down and struggling to revive a dilapidated economy battered hard by pandemic-related border shutdowns, toughened U.N. sanctions and mismanagement.When he inherited power upon the death of his father and longtime ruler Kim Jong Il there were questions about the future of North Korea. Little was known about the then-27-year-old son who was taking his family’s dynastic...
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The Second Nuclear Age Is Already More Dangerous Than the First

Better to think about the unthinkable now than when the unthinkable takes place. Here’s What You Need to Remember: Making strategy for an increasingly heterodox epoch—an epoch when more and more societies sport the ultimate weapon and think differently about how to brandish it—thus represents a trying task. Indeed, it could prove more trying than Cold War strategy-making from yesteryear. One hopes American and allied strategists are mulling these larger trends rather than stepping in the briar patch of obsessing over who has what weapon at the moment and who threatened whom today.

Experts Dial Back Expectations of New Nuclear Arms Race

Pentagon officials and other observers are sounding the alarm about the accelerating pace of China’s expansion of its nuclear capabilities. Will Washington respond by changing its plans for its atomic arsenal? Not necessarily, experts say. In its latest annual report on “Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic...

These Five Weapons Protect France on Land, Sea, and in the Air

Here's What You Need To Remember: France’s four nuclear ballistic missile submarines: Triomphant, Téméraire, Vigilant and Terrible maintain France’s ability to keep at least one submarine on station all times, capable of inflicting terrible retaliatory damage on any nuclear aggressor. The modern French armed forces are...

Kim Jong Un's missile and nuclear development

Since taking over supreme leadership a decade ago, Kim has presented many faces to an insatiably curious world, but while the image shifts perhaps the most telling way to consider Kim is through his persistent pursuit of a nuclear weapons program meant to target America and its allies. (15. Dec.)

How realistic is an Israel-Iran war

The drums of war have been beating loudly if one were to take the recent headlines about Israel and Iran seriously. But Israel cannot act militarily against Iran without US support, and the US will never support such an action. A meeting between Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and US...

NATO rejects Russian accusations on missile deployment

BRUSSELS, Dec 14 (Reuters) - NATO is not planning to deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe, the Western military alliance said on Tuesday, rejecting Russian accusations and a call by Moscow for a moratorium on this kind of weapons in Europe. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters in Brussels that...