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Here’s Why The Date Was Extended: Additional Work Added To Twin Ports Interchange Project In Duluth

Earlier this week, the Minnesota Department of Transportation shared with Duluth and Superior residents that the expected completion date for the Twin Ports Interchange Project (Can of Worms) had been revised and extended; while the majority of the work was expected to be finished by the end of the 2023 road construction season, now MNDOT is targeting 2024 for a completion date.

Ribbon Cutting Event Scheduled for Duluth’s Wheeler Athletic Complex

In early June, 2022, the City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department announced they would be temporarily closing the sport court at the Wheeler Athletic Complex so that it could be striped while also allowing an acrylic coating to be added to the dedicated pickleball courts. These were among the final elements to be completed under the current scope of work for the larger West Duluth Sports Corridor Mini-Master Plan implementation project.

Garfield Avenue Intersection Closures June 29 + 30 In Duluth

The main route on and off the Blatnik Bridge on the Minnesota side in Duluth will see intersection closures that will bring major traffic impacts to drivers for two days this week. The expected impacts are so large that the Minnesota Department of Transportation is suggesting that drivers try to utilize the Bong Bridge instead for the two day stretch.

Everything Leaving Netflix In July

While Netflix has a huge number of movies and TV that will be available for streaming soon, that also means that we'll see a few leave. It definitely seems like Netflix is trending heavily toward original programming right now, although there are also a decent amount of classic movies being added.

A New Unique Place To Get Coffee On The Go In Duluth

There is now a new mobile coffee shop in Duluth to get your brewed cup of joe on the go. The family operated business ran by a couple is called Portage Coffee Camper and they opened up last week! They started this fun journey to spend more time together and with their young children. The coffee shop is very unique as it is in a truck-bed trailer.

Woman Furious Brother Wants to ‘Mutilate’ Grandma’s Ring for New Fiancee

A man took to Reddit explaining he faced family backlash after proposing to his fiancée with his late grandmother's diamond engagement ring, which was left to his mom. The mom had originally planned on passing the ring down to his sister, but she already had a ring from her husband. Instead, the mom gave the ring to her son so he could give it to his new fiancée.