Adema Release Defiant Second New Song With Singer Ryan Shuck

After being largely dormant since 2013, nu-metal rockers Adema have put out their second single in 10 months time with "Violent Principles." It's their latest release with vocalist Ryan Shuck, who was formerly behind the mic with industrial rock band Orgy and electro-rockers Julien-K. Shuck says Adema's upcoming album 360...
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Metallica Make Six-Figure Donation to Aid Flood Victims in Germany

Metallica continue to step up in times of need, and their latest contribution to helping around the world comes in Germany. Last July, massive flooding over a 48 hour period led to widespread destruction and 184 deaths. After hearing of the natural disaster, Metallica issued a limited edition single of "Enter Sandman" designed to raise funds, with over 130,000 € (approximately $137,000 U.S.) being collected for Aktion Deutschland Hilft's relief efforts.

Fans React to Ozzy Osbourne’s New Song ‘Patient Number 9′

Ozzy Osbourne on Friday (June 24) released his new song "Patient Number 9." Naturally, reactions from fans and listeners — good, bad, seemingly indifferent — have started sprouting up. Osbourne first teased the Jeff Beck-featuring "Patient Number 9" earlier in the week. The single is the haunting title...

12 Rock + Metal Artists Who Love To Surf

The life of a rockstar can be a stressful one. Endless days out on the road and in the studio can take a toll on a person. Stress needs to be relieved, and many choose to do by hopping on a board and surfing the waves of their nearest ocean.

Insane Clown Posse Post Statement Regarding Violent J’s Hospitalization

Insane Clown Posse have posted a statement on their social media regarding Violent J's recent hospitalization. Fortunately, he is doing all right now. "We just wanted to briefly address some rumors you might have heard recently regarding our big homie Violent J... A few weeks ago The Duke was experiencing shortness of breath and went to the emergency room expecting there was an issue with his AFib. The good news is his heart is perfectly fine and healthy. The bad news is, Violent J had pneumonia," the band wrote.

Fans React to Megadeth’s New Song ‘We’ll Be Back’

The first new Megadeth song from their imminent sixteenth album, The Sick, The Dying... and the Dead! arrived early on Thursday (June 23). The rippin' track is called "We'll Be Back," and fan reactions — both glowing and otherwise — have started coming forth. Still, Megadeth fans appear...

Spiritbox Drop New 3-Track Single ‘Rotoscope’ + Videos

One of metal's most exciting new bands, Spiritbox, have just dropped a brand new 3-track single titled Rotoscope, which serves as their first set of new songs since their 2021 debut album Eternal Blue. In addition, they've released a video for the title track. The video for "Rotoscope" was directed...

Drummer Nails Slipknot Cover With One Hand, Drinks Soda With the Other

Most are impressed by the percussive musicianship that Slipknot pulls off with the trio of drummer Jay Weinberg and percussionists Shawn "Clown" Crahan and Michael Pfaff, but imagine trying to take on their thunderous and often fast-paced drum sound with just one hand. That was the challenge recently put to YouTube and TikTok sensation El Estepario Siberiano and one that he absolutely crushed, while sipping a cool beverage with his free hand to boot.

The Black Dahlia Murder Launch Charitable Trevor Strnad Memorial T-Shirt

The Black Dahlia Murder have launched a charitable Trevor Strnad memorial T-shirt in honor the late singer, who tragically died earlier this year in May. The band shared an image of the T-shirt on their Instagram, which they have confirmed has been approved by Strnad's family. "We thank all Trevor's friends, family, and The Black Dahlia Murder fans around the world for the massive outpouring of support during this time," they wrote in the caption of the photo. "All proceeds will help his family cover expenses incurred by Trevor's death and benefit the Common Ground Resource & Crisis Center."