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Billings Chamber Finds Issues with Metra Management

Yesterday, the Billings Chamber of Commerce sent out a letter on their position with the Management of MetraPark. Outlining what they feel is right, and wrong, with the current happenings at the venue, and how to bring MetraPark to the fullest potential. Recently, an audit was performed on MetraPark and...
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Here’s When Laurel Police Say You Can Legally Light Fireworks

You're building the greatest collection of pyrotechnics a neighborhood in Laurel has ever seen, so here's when you can legally light them up in the city of Laurel. According to the Laurel Police Department, residents are allowed to shoot off fireworks on their private property for three days beginning July 2 at 8 am.

WATCH Yellowstone Tourists Use Child as Shield From Bison Charge

WOW! JUST...WOW! Yellowstone National Park has just recently reopened its doors. After devastating flooding and damage to much of the park, the NPS has miraculously reopened portions of the park. After so many complaints from tourists who had planned family outings in the park, their vacation plans may still come true. But, the flood of people to the park is insane. The number of tourists trying to make their way into the park has created traffic jams at the few entrances that are open.

10 Famous People who Graduated from Montana High Schools

Who do you think is the most famous person from Montana? You may think of someone like Michelle Williams or others. However, many famous people were born here in our great state but moved elsewhere while children before they could graduate high school here. There are definitely lots of famous people who graduated in the Treasure State, so let's look at 10 of them.

A Radio Listener Helped Us Save This Montana Gravesite

When is the last time that you visited a cemetery? It's been about two years for me but that's only because my dad was buried in one. There are some amazing things that you can learn there. Many of the gravestones have a little history on them like military service, years they lived, family information, sometimes even how they died, etc.

Is it Legal to Live in an RV in Montana?

Short answer, yes. Long answer... probably not. We choose to live in Montana for a number of great reasons. Lifestyle, culture, outdoors, family, etc. But most of us don't say "I live here because the wages in Montana are so awesome." Because they're not. calculated the median household income in Montana is about $56,000 per year. The average household income is about $76,000 and per capita income is around $32,000 a year. Less than 5% of Montana households are considered "high income" earning over $200,000 per year.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan in Montana Requesting Public Comment

Both agencies have worked together to create this plan, and the draft is now available for public comment. In this draft, Montana describes their strategy, vision, and goals for spending $43 million allocated of federal funds over the next five years. The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula, known as NEVI, Program was established through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law at the federal level, to fund direct-current electric vehicle charging infrastructure along US interstate and highway corridors.

City of Billings Asks For Your Input

The City of Billings is requesting feedback from locals on what they think it is like living in the Magic City!. So far, 2,800 residents from randomly selected households received the National Citizen Survey in the mail. However, the survey is now open to all Billings residents online!. How do...

Moth Invasion in Montana! Tips to Keep Them Out of the House

A couple of years ago it was a plague of grasshoppers that seemed to be swarming the Magic City. This summer, it looks like we're having an invasion of moths. I don't know if it's been like this in your part of Yellowstone County but in my west end, every morning I've vacuumed up at least a couple dozen of them all over the house. At night, if the television is the only thing emitting light in the room there will be several attached to the screen.

Dig Dinosaurs? Head East for Montana’s 10th Annual Dino Shindig

I don't know why kids love dinosaurs so much, but most of them do. An article from New York magazine's The Cut, attempted to help explain why children are captivated by the ancient creatures, noting that psychologists call this type of curiosity an "intense interest" and that almost a third of all children have one at some point, typically between the ages of 2 and 6. Frequently it can be an obsession with toy cars/trucks or other toys but one subject of interest frequently near the top is dinosaurs.

USS Montana Commissioned by US Navy

The USS Montana was commissioned this past Saturday in Norfolk, Virginia. The USS Montana is the United States' newest nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine. More than 120 Montanans were in attendance to celebrate the occasion. The USS Montana welcomes nearly 150 sailors on board, though only two are from Montana. "To crew...