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New Bride Conned for 10 Months by Husband Who Was Actually a Woman in Disguise

A woman in Indonesia claims she was conned out of thousands of dollars by her new husband after she discovered he was actually a woman who had disguised herself. In documents obtained by The Mirror, the victim, referred to as NA, claims she entered into a relationship with a person claiming to be a man — identified by the initials AA — who she met through online dating.
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Monkeypox Cases Are Spreading in Texas

No, there isn't a real reason to freak out about monkeypox, but the State of Texas wants everyone to know what's going on. The Texas Department of State Health Services announced this week that at monkeypox is here in Texas. So far, state officials have identified 12 monkeypox cases in the State of Texas, and the first few cases were were people who traveled outside the United States.

Oklahoma Man Steals a Stormtrooper from a Driveway

Oh so this means you're part of the rebel alliance and a traitor. Take him away!. I have SO many questions about this story. Tulsa Police shared footage of a man stealing a stormtrooper from the front of someone's home. I can already tell whoever lives in this house, I would be friends with them. Nah, we don't have any stupid gnomes at the front of our house. We got stormtroopers.

SXSW Expanding to Australia for a Fall Festival Starting Next Year

For the first time in SXSW history, a festival will not be held in Austin, Texas. Don't worry Texans, for now SXSW will still be happening in the spring over in Austin. The next one is scheduled for March 10-19 in 2023. It's crazy how much SXSW has at it over that nine day period. I would say the last 'real' SXSW was in 2019. Over 400,000 people descended upon Austin for that event from all over the world. Since that one, Covid hit and SXSW has been a shell of it's former self.

Cameron Diaz Comes Out of Retirement For New Netflix Movie

Cameron Diaz hasn’t had a starring role in a movie since 2014, when she appeared as Miss Hannigan in the modern remake of Annie. After that, Diaz stopped working and in 2018 confirmed she was “semi-retired” from acting, reportedly because she disliked all the travel. Eight years...

Marvel’s Disney+ Shows Need Longer Seasons

The following article contains minor spoilers for the first four episodes of Ms. Marvel. This week on Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan visits her relatives in Karachi. She discovers more about the origin of her mysterious powers and the bangle that channels them. She learns the true backstory of the Clandestines, and finally understands why they covet her abilities. She meets another group of enigmatic vigilantes known as the Red Daggers, then escapes from the Clandestines with their help. In the ensuing battle, Kamala apparently gets sent back in time to the era of the partition of India.

R. Kelly’s Attorney Seeks 10-Year Prison Sentence or Less Due to Singer Being Sexually Abused as a Child

R. Kelly's legal team is urging a federal judge to only sentence the singer to 10 years or less in prison due to their claim that he was sexually abused as a child. According to court documents that were obtained by XXL on Wednesday (June 29), R. Kelly's defense attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, asked Judge Ann Donnelly for leniency on Kelly's behalf. The request suggests that the once-revered Chicago musician's traumatic past should be considered before the federal judge hands down Kelly's prison term stemming from his 2021 conviction on charges of sex trafficking and racketeering.

What’s Happening This Weekend in Wichita Falls?

4th in The Falls Freedom Fest, Downtown Block Party, the Deep End's Grand Re-Opening, live music, comedy, theater, and more - it's all happening this weekend in Wichita Falls!. Click on the event title to visit the event page for details. Thursday, June 30. Time: 7:30am-1:00pm. Time: 10:00am | Price:...

Man Escaped from North Texas State Hospital Considered Dangerous

Police are currently on the lookout for Alexander Scott Ervin. He's considered armed and dangerous. I know here in Wichita Falls when you hear North Texas State Hospital, you probably think of the location off of Kemp Boulevard. This story is actually coming out of the Vernon facility. On Sunday night, Alexander Scott Ervin scaled an eight foot fence and escaped the facility. As of the posting this morning, he is still on the run.

Ken Paxton Launches Investigation Into Walmart

For those who think Texas' attorney general only targets the Biden Administration, think again. This time Attorney General Ken Paxton is focusing on opioids and Walmart. Paxton announced on Tuesday night (June 28th) that his office will be launching an official investigation into Walmart to see if the company deceived Texans about opioids.