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Voting Rights Tour Raises Awareness Across The South On Its Way To D.C.

As Senate Republicans deny Americans a debate on S. 2093, the newly introduced Senate version of the For the People Act, a caravan of modern-day freedom riders are headed to Washington, D.C. Crossing into South Carolina on Tuesday, the Black Voters Matter Bus caravan continues its journey to the nation’s capital, rallying communities and demanding meaningful action on voting rights and D.C. statehood along the way.
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Walmart’s Center For Racial Equity Focuses On The Future

Working toward and achieving racial equity is critical for our collective future. Without it, there is no moving forward to be the best we can be as a society. Today, many corporations understand that they need to be a part of the solution. Walmart is one of them. Committing to advancing racial equity is essential to Walmart’s core mission, and in 2020 it made its societal impact an even greater priority by expanding its commitment to racial equity.
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SMH: ‘Juneteenth’ Video Shows People Twerking On Ambulance Responding To Deadly Mass Shooting

Gun violence is a major problem in the U.S. This much has been established time and time again. But another scourge on society seems to be the apparent increasing desensitized reactions to that gun violence, as exemplified in a new viral video showing a large group of young people twerking and otherwise partying it up next to and on top of multiple emergency vehicles that were reportedly responding to a deadly shooting this past weekend in Northern California.
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Déjà Vu All Over Again: Georgia Threatens To Purge 102K Voters Weeks Before Special Runoff Elections

Georgia’s assault on democracy isn’t over by a long shot. After the Republican-led state legislature earlier this year forced through new laws severely restricting the ability to cast a ballot — laws that disproportionately affect Black voters, in particular — the man who oversees elections in Georgia is now threatening to purge more than 100,000 registered voters from the rolls just weeks ahead of special runoff elections to fill a vacant State House seat.
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Virginia Middle School Renamed After NASA Trailblazer Katherine Johnson

NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson shattered racial and gender barriers in the realm of STEM and the late legendary trailblazer recently received another special honor for her contributions. According to USA Today, a Virginia-based middle school has been renamed to pay homage to Johnson. For nearly six decades the school—which is...
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Boycott Juneteenth 2022: Backed By Popular Demands

Every once in a while, I imagine myself watching the news with Frederick Douglass to gauge American progress since his era. When he heard Juneteenth was just made a national holiday, y’all should’ve seen his face. I gather it was a slight distortion of the same expression he had on June 19, 1865.
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Getty Images Launches Initiative To Digitize Historical HBCU Photos

Each historically Black college and university embodies its own rich cultural and historical significance, and a new project will put the focus on preserving imagery that gives a lens into the legacies of these educational pillars. Getty Images is providing grants for the digitization of historic HBCU images. The $500,000...
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Finding And Losing Juneteenth

This week the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a bill establishing Juneteenth as a national holiday. Juneteenth is a celebration of Black American resilience that is steeped in the experiences of Black Texans in particular. While it has been wonderful seeing more Black people discover Juneteenth and learn about the legacy of this uniquely Black American holiday, it has been painful to watch the performative commodification of this day take root. We are dangerously close to stripping all meaning out of this day and allowing corporate interests, political performance and capitalism to stake claim to this day.