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Lubbock City Council To Consider Time Change For Meetings

The Lubbock City Council is looking to change the time they meet for future council meetings. And no, it's not a move that would help a lot of those who work during the middle of the day. In this week's released agenda, item 4.18 has the Lubbock City Council "considering a resolution to adopt revised and updated City of Lubbock City Council Rules".

The Top 5 Worst Places to Live in Texas

Texas is huge and some cities and towns are undeniably better than others. Lubbock gets a pretty bad rep sometimes, but I'd rather live here than a lot of other places, that's for sure. We polled hundreds of Texas residents to find out the last place they would ever want...

A New Gaming Store Is Coming to Lubbock Soon

For all you Lubbock gamers out there, there's a new store coming just for you. This new spot off Frankford Avenue will be selling sell board games, card games, Kickstarter games, trading cards, and RPGs every day for up to 30 percent off. Kiefer Shipman is the one who's opening...

Dear Del Taco: Please Come to Lubbock, Texas

Here's a plea for one of my favorite places. I grew up around some of the first Taco Bells. As young teens, we'd surf all day and then eat around the fire at the Taco Bell. We thought there would never be disloyal to a place that kept us so warm after being in a cold ocean. Then came Del Taco.

A Day in the Life of a Local Musician in Lubbock

My normal day probably isn't very different than yours, honestly. It may seem super cool to a lot of people when I tell them that I'm in a band. We play shows around town, sometimes we rent a van and drive to other cities or states to play, and we have an EP on Spotify. It's rad, sure, but I'm just a dude.

Where You Can Buy Fireworks In & Around Lubbock County

The 4th of July is coming up which means it's time to stock up on fireworks for the ultimate celebration when the holiday arrives. Keep in mind that setting off fireworks within Lubbock's city limits is against city ordinance. The LPD released a new online reporting site for residents to report any fireworks they see being set off in the city. This doesn't mean you can't still celebrate, you'll just have to celebrate with fireworks outside of the city limits.