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Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser Planning to Run for Governor of Louisiana

Let the games begin. Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser has jumped out and told a crowd in south Louisiana he is planning to run for Governor in 2023. He's been one of the leading contenders mentioned by many political experts for more than a year and now it looks like he is jumping in the race. Nungesser told a crowd in Lake Providence "I am planning on running.” The Lt. Governor says “I want to get through the mid-term elections, and I’ve got a lot of work to do before the end of the year. And the minute I announce, I won’t be spending tax dollars advertising tourism with me.”
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Bossier Police Arrest Haughton Man on Murder Charge

Bossier City detectives have arrested a Haughton man on murder charges. Driskill is being held on a total bond of $520,000. He was booked into the city jail and will be transferred to Bossier Max. Bossier Police responded to a shooting that left one man dead. It happened at about...

Kindergartner Removed from Louisiana Private School After They Found Out Her Parents Were in a Same-Sex Marriage

A kindergartner is having to find a new school after the private school she was set to attend told her parents she was no longer welcome. This past Monday, little Zoey was excited to start her first day of kindergarten at Bible Baptist Academy. From uniforms to school supplies, she was ready for the new school year but unfortunately, she never made it to her first class.

Feds to Seize R. Kelly’s $27,000 Prison Commissary Fund After He Failed to Pay Court Fines

R. Kelly's five-figure prison commissary fund is being seized due to outstanding court fines. On Aug. 4, the prosecution in R. Kelly's New York federal sex crimes case filed a motion in regard to obtaining the $27,828.24 the disgraced singer has in his prison commissary reserve in order to pay off the $140,900 he still owes to the court in fine, according to court documents obtained by XXL on Tuesday (Aug. 9).

New Paddling Trail Opens on Toledo Bend Reservoir

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) recently announced the opening of the 79th statewide paddling trail. East Texas nature lovers won't have to go far to experience this one because it is set on Patroon Bayou at Toledo Bend Reservoir. "The Toledo Bend-Patroon Bayou Paddling Trail lets you explore a...

Watch: Little League Batter Shows Great Sportsmanship After Being Hit In The Head

The Little League World Series is well under way and the kids have been showing out as usual. Teams from all over the country are battling it out for a trip to Williams Port. Every year, there are a hand full of amazing moments and funny clips that remind us of how special this stage is for these youngsters. For example, this kid hitting a no doubter with work gloves on. You read that right, work gloves, not batting gloves.

Shreveport Is Getting Ready for Big Fights on Friday Night

I Will Never Forget the First Time I Saw My First MMA Fight In Person. Keep in mind, that I have seen some MMA fights, but it was on T.V. and although it was a big fight that a lot of my buddies loved, I just couldn't get into it. However, my first experience at an MMA fight was right here in Shreveport and I can't put into words the energy that I felt.

‘Prey’ Is Hulu’s Biggest Premiere Ever

It’s very surprising that there’s a new Predator movie — this one a prequel titled Prey — and instead of debuting in theaters it went straight to streaming on Disney’s Hulu service. The reason for that decision was reportedly an entirely practical one. It wasn’t that Disney didn’t have faith in the film; they have a contract with HBO Max that gives the service the right to stream anything from the old Fox (now 20th Century Studios) after it premieres in theaters. If Prey had played in multiplexes, HBO Max would have gotten it. By keeping it on Hulu, Disney had the film all to itself.

Who Will Be the Next Governor of Louisiana?

These are two big names that many people expect to see contend for the Louisiana governorship during the 2023 elections yet neither one of them has officially announced his candidacy for the position. Kennedy is currently running for re-election to the U.S. Senate as he wraps up a very memorable...

5 Inventions That Changed the World Since the Saints Won the Super Bowl

"Pigs flew, and hell froze over" in 2010. That was the awesome quote from legendary Saints play by play radio announcer Jim Henderson after the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl. The Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 in a game that featured the now famous on-side kick to start the second half. That was 12 years ago. A baby born then is in the 7th grade now... 2010... we were freaking out about the swine flu... (which was nothing compared to 2020 freak out) 2010... Kathryn Bigelow becomes the first female director to win an Oscar for her film The Hurt Locker. But since 2010 there have been several inventions that literally changed the world.

Shreveport Police Seek Theft Suspect

Shreveport Police are seeking the identification of a suspect accused of stealing a woman's wallet from her purse, and using her credit card for multiple purchases. Police were called July 14th to a local Wal Mart and obtained security footage of the possible suspect using the stolen card. Police are releasing the footage in hopes of identifying the man in the footage.

This New Snow Cone Spot Is Already a Bossier Favorite

One Of My Favorite Treats in the Ark-La-Tex is a Snow Cone from a Food Truck. There is a delicious spot in Longview that serves up snowcones from an Airstream trailer, and although snowcones were never my favorite snack, this place took snowcones to the next level. This spot tops their snow cones with cream, making me wonder why anyone eats snow cones any other way.